Friday, June 21, 2013

United Together

I came across a website yesterday called I love this website. I've been reading it and it is very sarcastic and funny and real. 

There is an article on there called United by Motherhood. She talks about all the different first, and seconds and thirds.

Your first time actually trying.
Your first time submitting adoption papers.
Your first round of hormonal injections.
First round of invitro.
First time losing a pregnancy.

We are all woman banned together in this thing called motherhood. We should stick together and build each other up. There are so many different ways we become mothers and it's not easy.

Some of us struggle for years with infertility. Don't get discourage. Find woman you can ban together with that will help you through those hard times, because there will be hard times. 

Some of us know we will never have children the natural way and have to go the adoption way. And they struggle for years waiting for someone to give them a miracle.

Some of us have to use science as a mean to get pregnant.

And some of us try for years and finally get pregnant and end up losing their baby. 

I truly believe all of us are mothers whether our children are here or not. Ever since I found out I had Endometrosis I struggled with the possibility I could never have a child of my own. I talked to other women who also had this and it really scared me. A lot of them that had this their fallopian tubes were so corroded that there was no way they could get pregnant without the help of invitro or adoption. 

When I saw those two lines indicating I was a mommy I could not believe it. After all this time I was worrying and scared and I actually got pregnant. And then I worried that it wasn't real the whole time until I went to the doctor and saw my little babies heart beat and I saw my baby. The doctor told me everything was fine and my baby was as healthy as it could be.

I am truly blessed this happened so fast for Zack and I and we didn't need help in any other ways. But as I was so happy that I was a mom I thought of my friends that were struggling. And I got sad and I pray for all my friends out there who are struggling right now. Your time will come. And if you want someone to talk to, I am here for you, and when my baby gets here if you want to come over and play with my baby I will be more than happy :) Like I said we should all be banned together and lift each other up.

Motherhood is an amazing thing already. And to all the women out there who don't think you are a mother, you are. Your children are all up in heaven waiting for you and cheering you on. Don't give up.

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