Friday, June 14, 2013

The week we found we were pregnant

I wrote this post on May 6th and I just went back to reread it and I made the mistake of posting it before I was ready so I had to hurry and delete it so no one saw... So now I rewrote this on May 29th

*Disclaimer this might be too much detail for you, and I'm not really for one to share my intimate personal details but since it's part of the story I decided to put it.*

So on April 30th I was waiting for Aunt flo to make her monthly appearance. I'm always right on the day or the day after my period is suppose to start. So I was cramping major and I knew that it was about to start. So I popped a midol and waited and waited and kept running to the bathroom to check and nothing. And the next day I was still cramping but nothing. I didn't want to get excited because back in December I didn't get my period for a couple of days because of my endo.

Well all the week before I had the usual PMS symptoms so I didn't really think "oh I might be pregnant" Besides I didn't think there was any possible way that I was... I finally got up the courage and told Zack I was late. I didn't want to get excited if it was just a false alarm. He got off work the next day and brought home the pregnancy test. I took it that night and we got a really faint + sign so I didn't know if it was for real or not.

Then the next morning I took another one and I got a little bit stronger of a +. I didn't want to get too excited because I didn't think the test was that accurate. So Zack that night bought another and better test. I took the first test but thought I took it wrong well when I went back in there Later I noticed it had 2 lines. But it was WAY after the time so I thought I'll just take the other one tomorrow.

So on May 3rd I took that final pregnancy test...

I was pregnant. I was excited. Scared. Nervous. Freaking out. Zack just smiled. I seriously can't believe this actually happened I never thought this would happen and if it did it would take a long time. We are so happy and so blessed!

Now our blog will probably be blown up by baby things.... sorry in advance! I'm just so happy I can't help it!

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