Thursday, June 13, 2013


Yup that's right. Were expecting, at the beginning of January to near December! We just met with our doctor today and he actually told us January 7 now. So, the picture is wrong... oh well. It's pretty close. We got to see our cute little baby today. Oh my goodness! I am so ecstatic! I have been so worried the last little while thinking that it wasn't happening and we went in today and just to have it confirmed was... amazing....

I LOVE my doctor. He is truly amazing. He's so nice and awesome. The way it works at the place where I go is there is a team full of doctors and you meet with all of them at least once and get to know them and at least one of them is at the hospital so you won't have a stranger delivering your baby if the doctor is on vacation or something. But the guy we met with today, I really hope he delivers our baby. He is truly nice and awesome and very thorough.

Well there is our baby! 10 weeks and 1 day! :) We are so excited! Thank you to our families who have supported us this far! We love all of you!

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  1. SO happy for you! Let me know if you need anything!


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