Friday, June 7, 2013

Lets talk about the "m" word

I got married at the ripe old age of 20. To some people this is really young. And I would have to agree with you. It is pretty young. While most people my age are out partying and drinking and not really worried about being married. I AM married. 

When I got married all I heard was "your too young" or "your just gonna waste your life away" "most marriages that get together that young end in divorce" "oh your pregnant aren't you?"

These really made me mad. I'm not one of those people who sulks in a corner when someone says insulting things to me. It's not in my nature. If I know you, I'll dish it right back out. 

I'm not your average normal "Utah Mormon relationship" I didn't meet Zack, and then a month later I was engaged. I had already been with Zack for about 3 years when we got married. We were already committed to each other. We did the whole long distance thing. And yet our relationship still worked. It sucked yes. But we made it work. Because we were committed  to each other.
So today when I'm sitting here at work minding my own business and one of my coworkers walks right up and starts going off about how she would NEVER let her children get married that young and how big of a mistake it is to be married so young. How you would never amount to anything in life if you ever got married that young.

This really made me upset. I'm about finished with my degree. But to her my degree is pointless. Spending all day with children is not a "real" profession. I'm just going to end up at home and were going to be struggling and all that stuff. 

Marriage is WONDERFUL. Let me tell you why. Zack is my biggest supporter. No matter what I say he'll support me. If I tell him I want to be the next president he'll support me in it. If I tell him I want to be a lawyer he'll support me. He doesn't tell me "no, you can only be a stay at home mom and that's it" 

When I'm sad I know I have someone I can talk to. I can tell him everything. I can confide in him. He's seen me at my worst and yet he loves me through and through. Even on the days that he makes plans and I tell him that I need him he'll cancel his plans and stay with me because I mean that much to him. 

I love Zack with my whole heart. He literally saved my life and one day maybe I'll tell that story on here. But just know that even if you get married at a young age, it doesn't mean your not going to amount to anything. All that matters is that you love each other and your willing to do anything for the other person. That your willing to grow up and be mature. More mature than people your age. 

I don't look at getting married at the age I did an immature thing. It's a very mature decision. Showing that you are grown up. That you are now responsible for not only yourself but for this relationship. I have a full time job, I pay rent every month, I have 2 cars, I go to school full time as well, I pay my own phone bills. I pay for groceries. I make sure there is food on the table. I don't understand how marriage is a bad thing. Being grown up and acting mature. I think it's the best thing out there.

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  1. agree!! you are such a beautiful woman, wife and soon to be mama! i couldn't be more happy for you... and marrying my best friend was the best decision i ever made, so to hell with the rest of em (;


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