Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just to clear things up

I went to high school at the one and only Provo High School. And I will always bleed green. I loved loved loved my school. I loved homecoming, even though our football team sucked, I still loved decking out in Provo High colors and cheering on my forever losing football team. 

I met amazing people at Provo High.

I made the most amazing memories there. I loved being in choir. I loved the relationships I made. 

Sometimes our teachers were so ridiculous we could fall asleep in class like Renae here ;) I always loved having class with Renae. Our Junior year we had almost every odd day class together. And we made so many memories in Mr. Preece's class. Like when Renae was on the floor laughing and Mr. Preece was lecturing us and had no idea what was going on. Or when we tricked our subs and got out of watching family guy for 2 hours. Or when the people behind us were like physically abusing each other and the teacher never noticed. I sure noticed when all there stuff kept hitting me. 

Our school colors were green and we always showed our school spirit. I never once felt like I wasn't getting the education I deserved. Especially since our year was the last year they made it so you only had to have 2 years of math to graduate (thank goodness) But then the year after had to have 3 years and then the poor freshman our Junior year had to have all 4 years of math and English...

Yes it's considered a ghetto school. It's old. But I have never met another group of students from a school with so much school spirit before. Heck my grandpa even went to Provo High and when my mom was a kid whenever they drove past he made them put there hands over there heart. He used to take my mom to the games to root for Provo High even though she went to Mt. View. You don't get like that just because you went to some random school that's tiny. You get it because you go to a school that matters. 

You don't develop relationships like this at just any school:

I will forever loves these people for the memories we made together. If I never went to Provo High I would've never met these wonderful people who shaped my life so entirely. So you can hate on Provo High all you want. Call it a crap school. But with the memories I have and the friendships I made... I don't think it was a crap school at all.


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