Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Funny moments from our first year of marriage

Hi guys! It's June. It's hard to wrap my head around that it's actually June. That Zack and I have been married a little over a year now. It's AWESOME! Anyways. I follow this blog wifessionals I think Kaitlyn is an awesome blogger I don't really care about the whole making money while blogging thing but I do enjoy reading other peoples blogs. Anyways she has a thing going right now about funny moments from our first year of marriage and I thought "yeah... I want to do that!" so... here we go.

When we first got married we lived in the boulders. Matt and Whit lived there for 2 years and had to move out because Sophi was just getting too big. So we decided we would take over the contract for the remainder of the term. Well we had our friends Chloe and Taylor over one night. And we literally watched the bugs getting into our apartment and I'm not saying just 1 or 2 bugs got in I'm talking close to 20 different bugs trying actually got in. We would go over smash them and more would come in! I seriously hated it but I can laugh at it now...

I have a real fear of spiders and we would find spiders every where in our first apartment. In fact the amount of spiders we found there in 1 week is more than the whole year we have lived in this apartment now. Anyways. One night I was trying to cook dinner I was going to the kitchen when I stepped and it looked like the carpet had moved! This freaking spider blended right in with the carpet! It was HUGE! I don't kill spiders especially big ones so you know what I did, I sat there for 3 hours just staring at it so it wouldn't move. didn't make dinner or anything just waited for Zack to get home from work so he could come kill. But I had to sit there watching it so it wouldn't disappear. And this has happened in my life more times than I can count. That I would rather just watch it than rather attempt to kill it and miss and then have it come after me and kill me. 

The time when I tried to wake Zack up and started jumping on the bed and accidentally jumped on his ankle and almost broke it...

Or the time when were both laying there in bed and Zack decided he wanted to "tuck me in" and then proceeded to tuck himself in. I wiggled myself free and was going to pretend to smack him as a joke but then ended up really smacking him (you know in that sensitive area)! But he tucked himself in too tight so he asked me to untuck him so he could curl up in a little ball and die. I felt so bad and we haven't tucked ourselves in. Because really it's hazardous to his health. 

Another time I tried to wake up Zack and I was jumping on the bed and I jumped too high and smacked my head on the ceiling and it was really loud! I'm sure the people above us were all confused. But Zack sure got a good laugh. And I sure had a pretty hefty goose egg on my head. And I posted all those pictures for everyone to see on my blog. (cuz I'm not afraid of people laughing with me at my stupidity)

Or the time when we decided to go to the store. And we drove all the way there only for Zack to say "I forgot my wallet" And we had to drive all the way back just to get and then drive all the way back to the store. I was sure mad at him then, but now that I think about it's pretty funny. I mean who forgets there wallet knowing they are going to the store. 

Or all the times I've had to leave work because Zack locked his keys in the car or in the apartment. And then I criticize him for it and then that night I lock my keys in my car. I called Zack up to go get my spare and bring it to me but lo and behold he has lost his keys too. I was pretty fed up with him that week for losing his keys that many times. But it's pretty funny now that I'm not freezing and not spending an hour in the snow while 5 of my male coworkers try to bust in my car. 

Or the night we got home late from a friends house and tried to get into our apartment but our doorknob had fallen off on the other side so there was no way to unlock the door from our side. Me being a paranoid person had all the windows locked and sealed so there was no way you could get in. Finally I just got so mad because it was like 1 in the morning I just started twisting the doorknob using my super hero powers and busted the other side of the doorknob off so we were able to get in. And actually go to sleep. With no doorknob on our door... for a week...

I have many many more stories. And I'm sure that funny moments aren't over with yet. Were just getting started! But I love having someone that I can be so silly with. Who never judges me! I love it! Marriage is the best! Especially when you got someone as amazing as Zack!

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