Tuesday, June 25, 2013

But ours is my favorite


In September 2008 everything in my life was going wrong. I couldn't seem to get a grasp on anything. I felt like my life was spinning out of control and I couldn't seem to get a handle on it. I felt as if my world was coming down and I couldn't keep it from happening. And then it happened. I had no one. I had no friends, no more boyfriend, nothing.  I was alone and I was crying. But then this boy came to find me (seriously you can see the Lord's hand in all of this) and I told him what happened. And he gave me a hug and walked me down to introduce me to all of his friends. And that's when it happened. I met Zack for the first time. I didn't give it much thought, I wish I would've, then I could remember all the right dates and stuff. But no. Anyways, I began staying down there eating lunch with my new friends. 

October 2008 Zack and I were really getting to know each other. We would play the question game where we would ask each other questions to get to know the other person better. And to which he found out my favorite singer is Taylor Swift and promptly became a new fan of hers. He was playing baseball during my 8th period and I was in the world's most boring class in the history of ever and was really upset I couldn't talk to anyone because that was the "sports period" I told Zack this to which a week later he was no longer in baseball. I started getting funny text messages from Zack saying "I'm stalking you" and he would be outside mine and my best friends class just sitting on the stairs. Most people would be really creeped out by this but strangely I wasn't. 

Time went on and Zack and I talked, he fell for other girls, I was in a relationship with someone else. We talked a lot about him liking other girls and what he should do. I often gave him advice. We also flirted like crazy! I got a real kick out of pulling the strings on his hoody cuz it really bothered him and he got a kick out of sticking spoons in my back pack, and in my pockets, and my hoody. I would find spoons everywhere!! (I still have them to this day! Weird right?)

February 2009 First part: (pretty big month) Taylor Swift came out with her new music video "White Horse" (remember when I said he became a very big fan of Taylor Swift?) well Zack had one of those cool new phones where you could get internet anywhere! So we promptly sat close on the bench and began to watch the new music video. Zack didn't really care for the music video but he would move the phone ever so subtly closer to him so I would have to be closer to him. (sneaky sneak Zack). 
End of February: Zack went on a little trip with his Paus group and had the worst birthday ever. He told me about it and we decided (me and my friend) to throw him a good birthday party. We watched a scary movie where my friend fell asleep and I was freaking scared out of my mind!! So naturally I clung to Zack. And that's probably where the sparks started. Sitting so close to him practically cuddling with him all night (and that's when he started crushing on me majorly)

March 2009 Draper Temple open house. Can I just say what an amazing experience this was? I was completely blown away and guess what? Zack just happened to go through the open house right before me. So we were texting each other (naturally) about it. And I told him the most personal thing ever. And we grew closer and he became one of my best friends.

Summer came and we didn't see each other much. He spent most of the summer on vacation and visiting family and I spent the summer with my best friends. We eventually did see each other while I was working. But I promptly told him have fun on his pedophile date. 

August 2009: First week ish: I felt bad for blowing Zack off and I invited him over to my house. I assumed he would be driving a car because I didn't know he lived so close to me. Well I was waiting outside and was looking for his car when all of a sudden I saw this guy I had never seen before riding his bike down my street. He was pretty cute. I honestly believe there is a moment when you just look at someone and just know that your in love with them and meant to be together. So when this boy ended up being Zack I was so confused and dumbstruck. And that was the moment I knew in my heart I had been denying for almost a year.

August continued and Zack and I spoke a ton after that day. I was crushing on him, well obviously since I stated that above.

August 16th: It was a sunday I remember that and I didn't go to church that day for some reason. We were texting each other and talking about who are crushes were. I finally told him that I was crushing on him and he told me the same. I was ecstatic! And he told me that he couldn't keep the smile off his face.
August 17th: Zack was going to lagoon this day with his friend. I wanted to hang out with him but couldn't. He tried texting me as much as he could but it wasn't very much. One of my other friends came over to my house that night. He just bought a new jeep so he was showing me. And then I invited my best friend over as well. Well at this point Zack had gotten done with lagoon and his friend was dropping him off. My friend with the jeep left and then I started talking to Zack. He won all these cool new helmets at lagoon. I walked over to my friends van because she was going to drive Zack home. Zack started dropping all the helmets he won and I could tell he was nervous. Finally he got over there and looked at me and said "look I really like you, do you think we could make this work?" I responded with "I think so." And then told him that "It was just for fun, nothing serious." Oh the irony! But it was official!
August 18th: Zack had never kissed a girl before and I knew it was coming. We went on the river trail to one of my favorite spots I would always go to. It was dark and I couldn't see his face. His knees were shaking he was so nervous! Ha! And then it finally happened.
August 19th: I met his family for the first time when we went boating. I thought it was really weird that I was meeting his family while in a swim suit. Talk about awkward. But it was a blast! Downside though I lost my voice and was so worried they would think I was a man. 

September 2009: He went with me to my grandpa's funeral.Which was really hard for me. A few days later we went to homecoming together and spent every waking moment we could together.

Middle of September: He finally told me after 3 weeks of dating that he loved me. I went to bed with a smile on my face. Totally lame that it was over text message. But it was. I didn't tell him though until the next day when I was walking to class and he said bye to me. I texted after he left and said "by the way I love you too!" I really freaked him out though by not saying it until the next day!
Fall came and went, and then it was winter. We fought, we hung out, spent as much time as we could together!

December 24 2009: I went to his family's Christmas party. I was so excited to be apart of a family! And I was first introduced to his whole extended family.

January 2010: We spent ringing in our new years apart. Zack went up to Colorado to see his dad for most of Christmas break :( That was when I started loathing and hating the state of Colorado.

February 14th 2010: We spent our first Valentines Day away from each other. Again he was in Colorado, and I was here. BOO.... Again the loathing and hating of Colorado seeped into me.

May 2010: We graduated high school together.

August 2010: We celebrated our first anniversary together. By going on these water craft things. it was so fun. But after that my dad had a kidney stone and I had to take him to the ER. So that was fun :) and memorable!2 days later Zack left and moved to Colorado.

After that it was a waiting game of seeing Zack and trying to survive each day.

April 2011: Zack moves back after 9 agonizing months! The waiting, the crying, trying to make a long distance relationship to work was over!

August 3 2011: Zack and I finally got engaged! After driving around and visiting all of our favorite places all over town

May 2012: Zack gets the Melchizedek priesthood. We go through the temple for the first time. Which was amazing in and of itself!

June 1 2012: We are sealed for time and eternity in the temple that started it all.

May 3rd 2013: We find out we are having a baby. Click here to see all the updates with the pregnancy

January 8 2014: We become parents for the first time!

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.

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