Friday, May 31, 2013

What 1 year of marriage has taught me

Tomorrow marks 1 year that I've been married to Zack. Time sure flew! Marriage already has taught me a lot but here's some things I learned.

Some things I learned about Zack:

- When he wakes up in the morning he'll get dressed but he'll put his pants on and sit for 2 minutes staring off into space sitting on our bed. And then he'll do his shirt then sit there staring off into space. And so on with his socks and his shoes. 

-Zack hates left overs. No matter how much left overs I make he just doesn't want to take it to work and eat it. 

-He's really nice to me. Like late at night when I'm already half asleep and I ask for a drink of water or ask that he heat up my bed buddy he will. Even in he's already in bed for the night he'll get up and do it for me. 

-He's seriously the biggest nerd. I had no idea. I won't mention how because he would kill me. But trust me the games he plays on his phone... NERD! I still love him though but it is pretty funny.

-He would eat us out of house and home if I let him. When we were dating I never really noticed how much he ate out or just plain ate everything. But seriously that boy can eat.

-No matter how much he eats out or how much soda he drinks he NEVER gains weight. He never works out and yet he still has a 6 pack... What the heck?! How is that fair. I kept waiting for him to get some pudge. But nope. He still looks EXACTLY the same as when we first got married. 

Some things I learned about myself:

-I need to practice patience. I know I can wait for things but I don't want to so then I get really upset. If  I was a patient person Zack and I wouldn't fight about so many things.

-I'm a perfectionist. Again if I wasn't I'm sure Zack and I wouldn't fight about so many things. I'm learning to be less uptight about things and go with the flow but it's hard.

-I don't like change. I don't like when I've accepted something and moved on then it comes back, I hate it. And I'll throw a big fit about it (hence why Zack and I got into a fight last night... sorry Zack)

-I need to take better care of myself. 3 emergency room visits last year. 3!!!

-I actually enjoy cooking, that is when I feel well enough to actually cook.

What I learned about us as a couple:

-We are the biggest dorks on the planet. We stay up late and then we act stupid and somebody gets hurt and we end up laughing about it. Or when I'm trying to be funny and wake Zack up and I accidentally jump on his ankle or I hit my head on the ceiling...

-Were good at fighting and making up. Sometimes our personalities clash. BIG TIME. and then we get into a big fight but normally our fights last only for a little bit then we talk about it and move on. We don't let it fester for days. That happened when we were dating and it was bad. So we've learned when we fight to talk it out. And a few minutes later we're all good :)

-Zack puts up with me a lot. I can be an onrey pants. He stays pretty positive and puts up with a lot. But sometimes I put up with a lot. Not that's he's ever onrey just that sometimes I do a lot of housework. Sometimes I get sick of it and sometimes he gets sick of it. 

-We hate when we don't get to see each other. Imagine that, we actually LIKE spending time with each other! We don't have to go out on vacations once a month. We enjoy each others company. We can talk about anything. Were each others biggest supporters.

Marriage is awesome! Happy 1 year anniversary Zack!! We've made it through the hardest year whew!! :)

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