Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our 4 day weekend! Day 1: Baseball day

I am going to split this post up into 2 different blog post. So day 1. Saturday we went to Jace's last baseball game :( they had an amazing come back which made us go into another inning! So intense then we ended up losing :( But I got an awesome tan!

These dogs were tempting me to come play with them. I finally went over there and I just fell in love!

I took that picture at the right moment. Can you see in the very bottom of the screen near his foot? Yeah that's where the baseball hit him. Bad throw pitcher bad throw. 

Jace= Ace= favorite number: 1 

All the seniors were really emotional and crying so that's why they are all wearing sunglasses.  

Oh and hugging each other. 

Next  post: Day 2,3,4 (I didn't get any pictures from 2 or 4 so really just day 3. :)

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