Friday, May 17, 2013

Our 4 day weekend Cont... day 3: Graduation

The second day was mothers day it was good we skyped Zack's dad and Russ and gave Zack's mom her present. I made dinner for everyone and it was a total hit! Go me!!  And on the 4th day we went home. So yeah....

The real reason we went up to Colorado is because Jace was graduating high school. Here are some pictures

Grandma Jane and Jace pretending to fight. Who do you think would win? My bet is on Grandma! ;)

I think this one is my favorite!

Why so serious?

After about the 10th speaker we were completely bored. I mean seriously over 10 speakers?! Why?! We had 4. A grand total of 4 speaker at ours. They had over 10 and then at the VERY END they called them up... oh my gosh... I was dying...

So was Russ

Finally the end!!

Check out my AWESOME tan! :)

Jace didn't want to take pictures with us so we took pictures of ourselves.
While Jace mixed and mingled with all of his friends the three of us took a swim at a hotel. Everyone was partying outside so we went to the indoor pool and it was WARM. so nice!
I think overall it was a pretty good weekend!

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