Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!

As many of you know I had a birthday and I turned 21. And to be honest? I don't feel 21... I still feel like a little 16 year old. I can't believe I got so old now.... Anyways... here some pictures

On Sunday was the day we celebrated my birthday with my parents. Cake and ice cream with everyone. It was great. We went to church with my parents. Zack and I helped my mom with her primary class it was great!

(rockin my new sunglasses!)

On my birthday I had to work and so did Zack. :( bummer but the day before Zack had off and we celebrated my birthday then by lots of shopping, and medium! Also he made me a pretty sweet fort!!

Medium was the pick of the night (I wanted to watch something with ghosts) We pulled our mattress into the living room and enjoyed the night in there.

The next day was my birthday!! Zack had to work so we hurry and ran over to the sweet tooth fairy and got some delicious cupcakes and even brought one to my mom for giving birth to me!

I think 21 is going to be a great year!!

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  1. happy birthday! i love sweet tooth fairy!


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