Monday, April 8, 2013

Yay for time together

Yesterday was the first day in MONTHS that Zack and I had a day off together. And it was WONDERFUL.

I don't see Zack much. I see him when he gets home from work between the hours of 7-9. For the last week he's been coming home more around 9 then 7. So it kinda sucked.

But yesterday Zack and I have both had yesterday off! It was blissful. :) Although on Saturday night Zack said "If you wake me up before 9:30 I'm locking you out of the house." Well.... 8:15 roles around and I have woken Mr. Hubby up. He didn't really notice until 8:50 though.... and then he proceeded to lock me in the bathroom a few minutes later. And then after we got back from my parents house he wanted to lock me out again. Not fair.

See what I mean about morning person and night person.... Yup. That's us. But it was totally awesome to spend a day in our pj's watching tv with each other. And then to have him actually eat dinner with us as a family yesterday. Ah... it was blissful. :) and very much enjoyable. So happy!

Hurray for days off together!!

1 comment:

  1. Jimmy and I used to never see eachother. Right now we are able to spend most of our evenings together and its great. Hang in there!


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