Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Planning for the future

Every week at work we have a guy that comes in to do training with us. To either teach us how to sale things and how to apply things not just to your job but to life in general. So last week we had one that wasn't just about sales and I actually learned a lot! 

We talked about how we have the potential and the way we are born doesn't tell us what we will do but what we won't do. And when you are in love with what you are doing you are putting forth much more effort than when you just like what you are doing. 

We talked about how we worry about what we did in the past and how it is going to effect our future, we forget that what we do today is our future. The future is today. 

Except when it comes to school. yeah... Zack and I are just preparing for the future. I will hopefully be graduating this next spring. Zack has applied for the Salt Lake Community College Radiology program. Where he is hoping to get his masters at the U and from there... we have started to look into medical schools. It's fast approaching.

We just barely started looking into medical school. We are just barely starting the journey of many thousands of years of schooling for Zack... yay..... But Zack is finally excited about something. He's super excited to be doing something and to tell you the truth he hasn't thought about changing once! so we started looking into the radiology medical schools and guess what? The U and the University of Colorado both have one. Which means we could be staying here in Utah or move close to Zack's family. (his grandparents and aunts and uncles) It's 8 hours from Provo and only 4 hours from Grand Junction which is where Zack's parents live. 

That is many years from now. First Zack actually has to you know, get started. But I think its just in the back of our minds knowing that this new adventure is around the corner. I wish we could just skip the whole school thing but I think that's all part of the journey. We'll really develop as a family and have new adventures and if we move to Colorado maybe (just maybe Bleyle family) I won't hate Colorado so much anymore.

Enjoy the moments now. I know Zack and I do. We are enjoying the fact that we don't have children. Children are great and everyone knows I want children. Bad. But I can't control that, even though all my friends around me are starting their families I can just go on adventures with Zack, like our cruise to the Bahamas. I know that if would've had a baby by now there is no way we could afford to go on a cruise. But we can. And if we don't have a baby next year we'll do something else. We'll enjoy life until we are poorer than poor in med school. 

Sounds amazing huh? :) 

Adventures with you Zack is what I'm looking forward to most in the future! 
P.S. Happy 11 month anniversary tomorrow! Love you!

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