Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Little Trip

So Zack and I took a little trip up to Colorado to make Jace's day and watch him play baseball for the last time. We were literally only there for like 24 hours. We drove out Monday night after Zack and I got off work. We got there around midnight. Here are the video's of us surprising Jace and Russ. 

(sorry I kept laughing. Their faces were so funny! And I was so tired!)

So glad we drove 300 miles only to have Zack watch sports center. 

Oh, and to play black ops with Russ.
I'm thrilled. Can't you tell?

So I messed around with Zack's phone and editing pictures.

After Russ got out of school the 3 of us went over to a park to play baseball and never have I ever seen Zack so awesome. I guess I've never seen Zack play baseball and he is amazing. I wish he would've kept playing in high school so I could've seen him. 

A few hour later we went to Jace's game. And it. was. cold. Here are some pictures of the game. 

Like really cold. 

Oh and look some kid broke the window!

This is Zack and I on our way home Tuesday night thinking we are going to leave and we ended up turning around and going right back. It took us like almost 2 hours to get back to Zack's parents house. We ended up leaving at 5 in the morning, and uh... we drove back on like 5 hours of sleep. Getting out of grand junction was hard it was a blizzard but once we got out of there is was clear the whole way home! It was awesome!

That was our little trip! Oh here's a link to watch Jace on the news! (mainly its for family cuz this took forever for me to find. But if you want to watch go ahead!)

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