Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I don't know how we make it work but we do

Zack and I have been married for 10 awesome months! Oh yes. 10 months. Seems longer though....

Zack and I are opposites. Like polar opposites in some ways. Sometimes I sit here and go how in the heck do we make this work? 

Some ways we are way different:

-I'm a morning person, he's a night person. I consider 8 am is sleeping in and he considers 8 am early. I consider 10 pm staying out late and he considers 10 pm early.

- I'm more into Fine Arts and he's more into Athletics. Not that I can't go to a sports function and enjoy myself it's just that I would rather go to a musical than to a baseball game and he... well he hates musicals...

- I like to be creative, and he's more.... well he's a guy. He needs a little help in the "creative" department most of the time. 

- I hate video games, he loves them (typical) 

-I have major OCD and he doesn't.  

you see sometimes our relationship can be difficult because well we both enjoy different things but we've managed.

One thing we have in common is that we are both stubborn. Like MAJORLY stubborn. And that's the problem. Eventually one of us caves but it takes a while. 

People say that opposites attractive and that might be true with Zack and I. I don't know how we make it work but we're crazy about each other and Zack is really sweet and kind to me.

Like this morning when I made him wake up at the crack of dawn to go get something from the store because I was sick. He didn't complain or anything just got up and did it. And then he let me cuddle with him while he played his xbox. He's awesome and a definite keeper. :)

Happy 10 months Mr. Hubby! It's been AWE wait for it SOME!

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