Monday, April 22, 2013


Dear girls who take pictures of yourself incessantly,

Stop it! You take the same photos of yourself every. freaking. day. You just changed your hair and your clothes but the pictures are all the same. As much as I enjoy seeing cute pictures of you guys every once in awhile it's really getting ridiculous to see the same photo's everday. 

Everyone on facebook, instagram, twitter, and every other social networking site.

Dear ______,

I'm leaving your name out because I don't want to offend you but hoping you'll get the point. Your very rude. And I don't appreciate the way you've treated me and our family. (wow this could apply to a couple different people). We would greatly appreciate it, if you were just a tad bit quieter and didn't shove your opinions in our faces. 


Dear Job,

I am so blessed to have you. I am truly grateful for the friend (sometimes friends) I have made here. However I don't appreciate sometimes the work load you give me and my coworkers. I also don't like that we are trapped underground. And can only see the sun some of the time! I crave sunlight!

The employees at Fibernet

Dear Hubby,

I love you so much. Sometimes I drive you crazy with the whacked up mood swings. I'm not sure why I've been so crazy. But I'm sorry and I love you. Thanks for being my partner in crime always. 

Your wife

Dear Friday the 13th,

Can you come any faster?! I'm so sorry I missed you last year and went to a Rockies baseball game instead but I really would appreciate it if you came faster so I can have another party! Come soon?

A girl who loves scary movies

Dear people who read my blog,

Thanks for reading. I greatly appreciate it. Your amazing for putting up with my mood swings again! Thanks! It sure does mean a lot with the comments I get! 


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  1. Dear Courtney,

    I am so blessed to have you as my big sister!! Love you!

    Your Little Sister :)


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