Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Covert Operation: March

Hey! 2 blog posts in one day! Awesome!! So this last month I wanted to do something special. I decided to recreate one of our favorite moments. Our first date.

Our first date was homecoming senior year. I know cliche. I guess it was the day date... we went up to Zack's grandparents cabin and went four-wheeling and stuff but I didn't count that. So the first thing I did was made Manacotti. Homemade. :) yum. I didn't know how well it would turn out but it was awesome!

So let me explain how I surprised Zack. So I didn't want him to know what was up and it was a Sunday. The Sunday before Easter to be exact. So I told him that there was a fireside that night and that he needed to come home and shower and get all dressed so we can go. (He was at work) He really didn't want to go and was really complaining I finally got him all in the shower and thank goodness he didn't look in the kitchen because that was where I was storing everything. So while he was in the shower I was quick to set everything up. I picked out his clothes and he had no clue that we were wearing the exact same clothes from homecoming. He escorted me out the bedroom much to his dismay to see it all set up with food and everything (I forgot the picture sorry)  

After dinner was the dancing. It was so fun! I downloaded a strobe light and that was fun. Just the two of us jumping around acting like dorks and I even taught him how to waltz a little and the basics of chacha! Freaking awesome!!

End of the night

First pictures taken together of our first date. :) we were so little. 

Anyways its almost Friday! Yay!! 

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  1. haha, i havent seen this picture! oh my we are so little.


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