Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why I'm a Mormon

*This is all my opinion (kind of a rant), and this is a very long personal post if you don't like any of those then don't read. viewer discrection advised!* Just kidding!

First let me start off by saying not all Mormons are the same. I don't know why it is but everyone offended by ONE Mormon loop us all together and say all Mormons are a certain way. Um... Hate to break it to you but we aren't. We are all individuals. Some people get along better with some and some they don't. So you just have to understand that we are all different. 

Second off, I get why people get offended by Mormons. I myself have been offended by a few people in the church. But I didn't let that change my mind about the church. I just rolled my eyes and walked away. Because everyone is entitled to their opinion but what they thought about life didn't have to be what I believed.  

Even when I come home from church functions crying my eyes out because stupid teenage girls hurt my feelings or a boy said something mean to me, didn't mean that the church was any less true. It just meant those people were human and made mistakes just like the rest of world. Just because we're LDS doesn't mean we are perfect. We strive for perfection and some are closer than others. 

And while we are on the subject of getting offended and all that good stuff. I just want to say this. I have heard countless times about Mormons judging. About how Mormons are too judgemental. But the fact that you are saying that doesn't make you any better than the Mormon who judged you. Because YOU just judged that person because they judged you. That phrase that I hear come out of people's mouth infuriates me more than any other thing people say.

Anyways moving on....

I'm a Mormon because it just feels right. I was listening to a conversation from people who are not Mormon. How they said that think the whole "wait to have sex until you're married" is stupid. Well since you stated your opinion on why it's stupid. Let me give you my opinion why I think it's great. You said people show love through sex. Great. So everyone in the world who has sex is showing love? All those one night stands, are you showing love to that person? Or is it just because your a selfish person. That is why we wait to have sex until we are married. Because 1. It means more. I don't have to rattle off names and count how many people I've been with because I waited. It's special because it's only 1 person. And yes you show love to that person through such an intimate way so yes you should wait for the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And 2. If you truly love someone wouldn't that person respect you enough to marry you?  

I'm a Mormon because it's who I am. It's not just a religion. It's a lifestyle. I don't just go party all week and then act like a good church girl on Sunday. No, I live my religion. If I believe something I'm going to live it.  I know this church is true. And because I know this church is true I'm going to do what I know is right. 

I'm a Mormon because it got me through all the hard times in life. For all the times I needed more support than just family I was able to turn to my leaders and friends in the church and have them help me through difficult times even when they didn't know or understand. 

I'm a Mormon because I've seen the difference between being in the church and not. I watch Zack's grandparents, truly great people and they have this light about them. And I always want to spend time with them because of this light. And then I see people without the gospel and people aren't drawn to them because they don't have meaning in their life or their mean or their is nothing different. They are just like the rest of the world and that is how I know it's true. 

Anyways. I just wanted my opinion to be heard even if it's only on this blog. (and yes I'm going to do the cliche thing and bear my testimony) I know that this church is true. I think it's a great church and it's only going to grow! I know that this church was meant to build people up not tear people down and that we all have a purpose in this life. I'm grateful to Joseph Smith for listening to our Father in Heaven and got this church going. I know for a fact that we are all important to our Heavenly Father and we have potential to be great! We just have to believe it. 

If you got through this then go get yourself a treat! Go you! Thanks for reading!

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