Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Water is my arch nemesis

Kay for reals. I've never been one to drink a lot of water. Don't know why I just haven't. I usually drank about one 16 oz water bottle a day and called it good. Maybe had a cup of water with dinner so call that like 21-24 oz of water a day. I'm supposed to drink about 64 oz of water a day. Obviously not enough.

Right after my emergency room visit from being unconscious and not drinking enough water I finally realized I needed to. I was doing pretty good I think. I started drinking somewhere between 50-60 oz of water a day. I was so proud. And I'm sure many of you think I'm crazy but some reason I just don't like it. 

So this was great. I was drinking enough and everything was great. And then now I'm back to drinking about 30 oz of water a day give or take. Seriously I have no idea what is wrong with me!! 

I used to drink 2 1/2 cups of these things a day. 

(I also have no idea why my work computer keeps making these pictures side ways...)

And now. That's my first cup and it's still not done and it's 5 o'clock usually I would have about 2 of those done by now... Seriously you can see the water in this picture what the heck is wrong with me?! I'm getting in some bad habits people and it's not good. NOT GOOD!

I seriously need to think of something to get myself or my brain to like water and to drink it. Because if I'm not like scorched and in dire need of water I don't drink it. Something is wrong with me.... 

But on a happy note. 8 days from now it's officially spring! :D and Sunday is St. Patricks Day and it'll be almost 70 degrees this week. Can I get a whoop whoop?

Can't wait for the mountains to look like this!

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