Sunday, March 3, 2013

The BIG 16 and 21!!

Last week was Mr. Tyler Gordon and Mr. Zackary Bleyle's birthday. Tyler turned 16 and Zack of course turned 21. So we had a huge party.

Remember a few months ago when I talked about the covert operations? If you can't remember you can read it here. Anyways I decided that I want to surprise Zack at least once a month with something awesome I'll post January and then February but in February I did it 3 times. But here are 2 of the times that I did it.

Tyler got ordained a priest at church that day so we were all there of course and then his girlfriend Jamie and  there friend Brea came over to hang out and Justin we were playing video games until Zack got here. 

See Zack thought we were just doing cake and ice cream not this big huge thing when he walked in and saw this... he was surprised.

I put the whipped cream on to soon and it melted. But it still tasted heavenly!!

All of us at the party. 

Then on Zack's birthday I did another surprise. I got up earlier before work to make him breakfast and set up our apartment with streamers while he was sleeping. 

Right after he woke up :)

Then after I got off work we went to brick oven for a birthday dinner and this was after that. :)

Happy Birthday you two dorks!!

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