Friday, March 29, 2013

Don't blame it on that

I understand women are crazy. I do. I get it. Trust me I do.

But I think what makes us MORE crazy/onrey/upset/ angry is when men try to blame it on, you know, PMS. Like they have absolute nothing to do with it.

Like when you ask a child or husband to do something over and over and over and they just don't do it and then you finally do it and the respond with "well I was going to do it" yeah when? you had a week to do it and I finally got sick of it and did it for you and now you don't want me to be mad but it's too late!

I think the frustration just builds up and then your hormones really get going and then that's when it just comes out. Because we can't handle it anymore. The stupidity of people just finally just comes out. I really think this clip explains it well.

if you want to watch the whole episode cuz it's really funny on netflix it's called bad moon rising.

see it just builds up and just comes out. Like Ray did something REALLY stupid and tape recorded his wife yelling at him and hurt her feelings. So maybe it's not PMS maybe it's the fact that people are just so STUPID!

I won't say that I haven't pulled this on Zack in the last week or so... But really can you blame women... People can really do stupid things. So don't just blame it on PMS. Because chances are it's not just PMS.

Just for your information. 

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