Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Covert Operation: January & February

I know I know, two blog posts in one day. But I just got back from the gym and the hubby had decided he wants to reward himself by playing whatever video game he is playing. So I decided I will update you with the covert operation just so you know it hasn't been a total failure. 


I did January's the day after I did the Covert Operation blog post. I love Zack with all my heart and I just couldn't believe you know, how hard marriage actually is. You have to work at it. So that's when I came up with this because I want my marriage to last forever and I know that I want to do something special for Zack each month and remember that I always tried. 

So January was themed I love you because... Because I needed a reminder and maybe he needed a reminder of all the things I love him for. So I made this. And mind you I did this all about an hour he got home and it was not easy. 

I cooked something easy but still delicious for dinner so while it was in the oven I wrote and cut out all these different sayings and tied ribbon around it and hung it on the ceiling. And I did half of it while I was on the phone with Zack. And I also did the picture frame one. I also had to move the table and everything. Hard work y'all. Hard work. 

So he was on his way home and I looked like a mess after a long day at work. So I got off the phone with him. Put on a nice dress and some heels and we ate dinner and yeah. It was a great night :) we sure enjoyed ourselves. 


I surprised Zack 3 times in February. It's his birthday month and I had to do something special for him and I did. So for valentines day I kinda surprised him. I was a little bit more prepared on what I was going to do but it kinda fell through because I forgot we were house sitting so out went that idea. But I think it turned out okay

I was going to heart attack our wall and make some yummy food for dinner but since I forgot we were house sitting that didn't turn out. But when he got there I turned out all the lights and he came in to candles and all that stuff (don't worry mom I put everything away) and that was at like 9 at night and we didn't have dinner ready or any clothes for the next day or anything so we had to leave. Kinda sucked but it sure was memorable! 

And of course you saw the post about the 2 birthday surprises.

The reason why I am doing this is because I think you should do something special all the time for that special someone in your life not just on anniversaries and valentines day. It should be celebrated all the time. And it's really helped our relationship grow and appreciate each other. Maybe you have your own way to show you love someone. But I needed something that made me really go out of my way and really show them that I need them in my life and I love them. I still have to do March. Since it's nice weather maybe I'll do something outside....

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