Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Well that's life

I'm kinda super bummed over here. Why? Because we found out this morning were not going to Hawaii. :( Lame I know. We just don't have enough money to buy the flights tonight. So my parents and my brother Tyler will be going by themselves. Without me. :( 

But you know that's life for you. It would've been so cool if we were able to go but you know, we decided that we can go somewhere else like Vegas or yellowstone or wherever we want and go with friends or family because it's not too expensive. And then next year when I graduate school go somewhere fun.

So since were not spending all of our pay checks for the next 3 months on Hawaii and we have all this left over money I decided that it's time to make my apartment a little more me. I have pictures hanging up and all of that. But I don't do enough crafts and display them in my house. I don't know why.... and I feel like I'm seriously lacking in the craft department.

Possibly because every time I start a craft I NEVER finish it! Or I will get bored and it turns out horrid! But I'm determined. Especially if me and Zack are going to be moving in like 6 months I want to make sure that when we move we have things to put in our next place.

Plus I'm in school but when I'm not doing homework I veg out in front of the TV. And I feel like that is just pathetic. We used to go on adventures and have fun. I mean we still have fun but I feel like if we did more than just watch TV then we could have a stronger marriage and things like that.

I really look up to Zack's grandparents. I love my family don't get me wrong and there are many things I look up to my parents and grandparents and things like that to. But Zack's grandparents, Clay and Tammy Frandsen, that I just wish I could be like them. There spirituality, marriage, love of the gospel. Seriously they're two of the greatest people I know and I really look up to them. They're always so loving and giving and also they're just great people! I'm so grateful that I married into such a great family!

Like I said in past posts Zack and I come from two great families but did things different. I love my family and I have learned a lot from them good and bad and I would never trade them. But I'm so glad that I got to have another family just as great and different as well. I hope to one day be like all these great examples in my life. My parent's, Zack's parents, ALL of the grandparents and aunts and uncles and everyone. I'm just truly blest to be surrounded by such loving family and wonderful examples.

I totally realize that this blog post is so random... I apologize. I'm super sick this week :( total bummer but I'll post the not-so-awesome week I had last week for you all to see when I someday start feeling better than just wanting to sleep for a week. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel a bit better.

Happy Hump Day!

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