Saturday, February 16, 2013

That long week

Remember how I promised y'all out there that I was going to do a post about that long week I had? Well this is why it was so long.

Turns out my great grandmother was in the hospital. She found out she had stage 4 cancer and the doctors told her she could have surgery and it MIGHT prolong your life. There was no guarantee. I felt something in my heart tell me this wasn't right even though all her children wanted her to have the surgery I told my grandmother that it might just be better to go home and just enjoy what little time she had left she would be in pain either way. At least make this last decision for herself. 

She had a blessing given by my dad and Zack and my brother Matt stood in to let her know that it was her time and all that good stuff. 

So a week later turns out that she got really worse. We went over to visit her on Saturday and I took one look at her and I knew that she was going to pass away. How did I know this? I had to watch my dear sweet grandpa pass away and I don't think I'll ever forget watching him slowly pass on. I told my family I wouldn't think she would make it through Sunday night. My family was being optimistic but turns out I was right. My dad went over and released her Sunday afternoon. 

I had the experience to go up and dress my great grandma in her temple clothing because I am one of few in my family who has had her endowments out. It was kinda a neat experience. So here are some pictures:

I actually live really close to the church the funeral was at and the cemetery so we kinda hung out at my house the night of the viewing. 

Princess Sophi 

They were eating cereal together and watching Pocahontas sooo cute! 

Tyler was sitting int he car seat... haha! 

So the reason why it was so stressful was because 1. I had to help dress my grandma and go buy all the clothes because again I'm the ONLY one on that side of the family at the moment who had a current temple recommend so I had to go and get the clothes and then go dress her. 

And then I had to play 2 songs. TWO! So it went. Speaker, Courtney plays the piano, Speaker, Courtney plays the piano, Speaker, Courtney plays the last song. Awesome right?

Well no. Because they were insistent I play this stupid unchained melody song. The only reason why I say stupid because well it's such an easy song on the piano and there was no challenge. I was SO bored playing that I kinda fiddled with it and came up with my own arrangement of the song. I'll post the video, you don't have to watch it though but it's my twist on the song. (be aware I was kinda nervous and had only played it through like 4 times before performing it so it's not perfect)

Then the other song I played I play at all the funerals. "Mikes melody" and it was going so well! Until my finger got stuck in the piano!! I was soo mad!! ugh!! Oh well. what's past is past. I won't post that song because well you can totally see my finger get stuck and I don't want that version of that arrangement on the internet. :) sorry 

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  1. Oh Man, Courtney! I'm sorry! My Dad went super fast like that. I remember having to give the Eulogy/Obituary. It was either that or sing. BAH! I'm SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD to when my Mom goes. I told her she has a good 10-15 year left. (She has longevity on both sides.) I hate being the youngest, living at home, not having anyone, and having my own health issues. I don't handle these things well. You'll adopt me, right???? LOL!


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