Monday, February 11, 2013

Dear Mondays,

I really don't like you. It means my 2 days of bliss (no work) is over. It means I get to go back to my own personal demon. 

It means I get to go back to sitting for 8 hours a day in my little cubicle (which I am sitting there now) looking up accounts and handling crazy customers who have no idea what they are talking about.

It means long work days with a certain someone that, you know, I really don't like. Many of you who read my blog I have talked to you personally and you know EXACTLY who I am talking about. It's like this person just does things to make want to pull my hair out! 

It means daydreaming about the future. Dreaming about days where I get to look forward to coming to work when in only 8 more classes to go I'll be done with school. I'll get to be singing, dancing, and teaching little kids. 

Days that will look like this:

But for now...

It's days spent like this:

Dear Mondays,

You're fired. 

Don't come back.



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