Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tylers Eagle Scout Project... and an Emergency Room Visit

For my brother's eagle scout project he did a blood drive. Here are some pictures.

Here are some pictures of people actually giving blood.

I saved Savannah's picture for last because I have to tell her story. 

This is Savannah

She gave blood. When she was done I was in the foyer of the church and she came out there. She sat down on the couch and I looked at her and she started looking like she was green. 
I said "Savannah you look kinda green." 
She then put her hand on her head and then slumped down and became unresponsive. I was freaking out. My dad pushed her back and we noticed she was seziuring. My dad told me to watch her. So I just stood there watching her (I feel like a retard now) My mom came out and laid her on the ground because she wasn't breathing. But once we got her laid on the ground she was awake and tried to get up. It was funny. So she turned out fine. :)

All of the people just chilling being supportive of Tyler

And now....

I gave blood. 8 hours later I went to the emergency room. I can't seem to stay away from that place. This is what we think happened. I was already dehydrated going in. And my pulse was a little high but they still let me give blood. I have a heart condition called vasal vagal nerve syncope. So I should've taken it easy yesterday. They told me to drink more water than I normally do. Well I don't drink enough water as it is so... I didn't get enough fluids in me and I was running around playing with my niece. My heart was racing the whole day and when I finally got to sit down I felt really light headed and dizzy so I laid on the ground. Well apparently I passed out and became unresponsive. My blood pressure was high and my resting heart rate was at 125-130. And I was shaking uncontrollably. So off to the ER we went. They pumped fluids in me and when I left my resting heart rate was around 110. They told me to take the next couple of days easy and to drink tons and tons of water and gatorade. So now I'm sitting here my body is exhausted I feel like I just ran 20 miles. My heart rate is still pretty high but hopefully will go down sometime today or tomorrow. 

Thanks everyone who came and helped this awesome brother of mine with his eagle project! He made his goal he needed 55 people and we got 58! Go T!! 

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