Wednesday, January 23, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast!!

 I have been wanting to do this blog post for a while now I just keep forgetting or just didn't know what I wanted to put. I usually have A TON of pictures of my niece on my blog and I feel like I am totally lacking in the aunt area cuz of that so without further ado here is my neice the past 2 years!
 I just loved this little girl from the moment I met her. This was when I met her and I just loved her.

 I loved spending time with her although the first couple months she didn't really like to be alone with me since I had no idea what I was doing.

She was probably the chunkiest baby I had ever seen but I just absolutely loved her and her sweet personality. 

 I was absolutely powerless to this face. Heck, I still am!
 Especially when she gives you faces like that. How are you suppose to resist?

 Her happy personality always made me happy and the fact that she loved me always made my day.

 and the fact that she ALWAYS wanted me to hold her. Even to this day. But I'm not complaining.

 I love taking her everywhere and just love that she enjoys being with me too. I love how much we play! She just brings a certain happiness to my life.

 I never get tired of playing with this little girl. EVER!

 She's such a funny little girl.
 Even when she says "silly honey" I just love that she laughs with me and at me.
 No joke I love this little girl even when she helps me destroy my room :)
 And the cute smiles she gives me.
 And how she always wants to me to hold her... again I'm not complaining but are you seeing a pattern here. And now she says "hold you hold you!" which stands for please hold me!

 And how she steals everyone's food and says "that's Sophi's" And I think we all secretly love it.

I love babysitting this little girl. Like I NEVER complain about babysitting. So Matt and Whit, ask away! (I think you guys already know that though!)

 She has such a funny personality. And yeah those are my boots. She insists on wearing my clothes.

I love spending holidays with this girl! If I don't... I get really sad and if I don't see her once a week I go crazy...

I love her smiles!! 
 This stinker has just learned how to make faces while taking pictures... I can't believe how big she is!!
 It's crazy to think that she used to be this little girl who would NEVER smile for pictures now makes silly stick our tongue out pictures...

Scratch that. She still doesn't smile for pictures... :)
 Or maybe she does...?

I love you Sophi!! I think you are one of the greatest blessings in my life and came in all of our lives at the time we needed you! I can't wait until your brother or sister is born! We'll get to have more adventures with another friend!! I love you, you stinker! I hope that when you get older you know how loved you are! Your bring a certain lightness to our family and I know we all love you for it!

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