Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Humble Abode

I haven't posted pictures of where we live. And this is mostly for me because someday I want to show my children where we first lived. So here it is. So this is what you see when you first walk in. 

Some close up shots

From the hallway

Our bookshelf

So this is kinda like our desk. And that is a blank wall but I'm hoping that sometime in the next little while we can put

This giant painting we got at our wedding up there. I love it, it just hasn't been framed. 

The kitchen (ya it's kinda small but it works :)

Love apples!

I love Taylor Swift and so does Zack so there has to be her lyrics on our wall :)

The bathroom. Enough said. Were working on making it an ocean feel. When we go to Hawaii I'm gonna get some sea shells and put them in the bathroom and make it really feel ocean.

Our bedroom:

Well there you have it! Our cute little wonderful apartment! :)

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