Friday, January 25, 2013

New bliggity blog!

This baby just got a make over! And boy was this hard work. I think it's taken me a good 4 hours off and on to get this thing to work the way I want it to! (I've been at work, and had to work around customers)

I really wanted a banner! You like? I can't tell you how many tutorials I went through trying to make one because I'm not computer savvy. But I think I did a good job! :D Yay!! 

I feel like an expert at this whole blog thing now! Watch out blog world here we come!! 

Anyways... Happy Friday everyone! We have started out the weekend great! I threw a surprise party for Zack just because I felt like it! I'll post pictures later. Me and Zack have been feeling a bit sick lately... :( but hopefully it'll pass and just be nothing. I hope. Because if I have the flu on top of all this sickness... I'm gonna cry. 

Anyways be safe out there!! Have a good weekend with the warmer than 20 degree weather outside! I know I will!

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