Friday, January 18, 2013

Final Verdict

I went to the OBGYN yesterday. Let me refresh your memory before we go any further.

I went to the doctor back in December we ran a whole bunch of tests and then I got put on antibiotics  They said if you don't feel better within a couple of days taking these then you need to see an OBGYN. Well I didn't feel better. Right around Christmas time I was in a lot of pain again and I was so sick because of the medication and I was so done with the pain.

I made an appointment with the OBGYN and yesterday I went in. The asked me a lot of questions and they said I have all the symptoms of endometriosis so they are saying I have it. The only real way you can tell if someone has it is if you go in laprascopy. But the doctors want to prolong that as long as possible because it'll make it harder for you to get pregnant the more time you go in (build up of scar tissue) Plus with endometriosis you already have a lot of scar tissue built up so yeah.

I will eventually have to get the surgery just not now. But she gave me three options to prolong the surgery. 

Option 1. Get pregnant. 
Option 2. Get on birth control.
Option 3. Be put in a menopausal state.

 Now I can't do option 1. As much as I want a little baby it's just not the right time for Zack and I to have a baby. I am so close to being done with school I don't want to have a baby and ruin that. Plus neither one of us have good enough insurance to have a baby so I have to wait until I am done.

Option 3 is probably the worst thing I can do right now to my body and they did not really recommend it. They just said so I knew it could be an option. Well I'm not picking that.

So what's left? Option 2. I can stay on birth control until I am ready to get pregnant and it'll help ease the pain a bit. I went off of it last time because it made me CRAZY. So they gave me a different brand and a lower dose. I just hate what it does to your hormones. I mean poor Zack I was like PMSing all the time. And I had NO desire to participate in umm... marriage activities. We'll just leave it at that. So that's why I went off of it. So lets hope this new brand is better. 

I did learn quite a bit as to why they think endometriosis happens. They say that when your on your period (sorry guys) when you feel cramps its your uterus contracting to make the blood stuck to the walls unstick and come out. Well they think some women who have harder cramps you know the ones where you don't/can't get out of bed your uterus is smashing the blood and instead of coming out, you know, down there, it comes out but also goes back up through your fallopian tubes and latches on to anything it can. Which really really sucks. 

So instead of that blood leaving your body it's still stuck on the inside so each time your body ovulates and the blood starts to thicken the blood that is latched on to other parts of the body also grow and thicken. So that is why it hurts because it starts to grow on your body parts and eventually scar tissue grows.

So this has been happening to my body since I was a junior in high school. I had terrible cramps couldn't get out of bed. I had to take massive pain pills to make the pain dull. It was terrible. But they say that birth control will help keep the blood thinner and not so thick. To which I am grateful. 

I am so grateful for modern technology and doctors and family. I am grateful for the children I will one day have and that with modern technology I will be able to have children. I'm grateful for our Heavenly Father and his love I feel constantly around me. I'm so grateful for this life He gave me and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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