Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crazy Little Life

I fully realize I haven't posted any pictures on this blog from Christmas. And I got some good ones. Even if I post them a week from now... I might go home tonight and do it who knows.

Life is honestly crazy though! I can't believe almost 3 years ago I graduated high school! And hopefully next year (if all goes well) I'll be graduating college. 

To me it's kinda weird how everything is just kinda falling into place. I've always got a plan and have like every minute of my life planned out. So when Heavenly Father decides to put something in my life that I wasn't planning it definitely puts a kink in things.

I am still not sure if I have endometriosis. I haven't gone to the doctor. I guess I just don't want to find out I have it. I'm prolonging going in as long as possible. Which isn't good but seriously I don't want to find out they have to slice me open and chisel my insides. Okay so they won't really do that. But if I do have it and it's pretty serious then it'll be surgery to remove the cells.

Another thing that is motivating me to get to that doctor. Zack. Silly Zack... He says that I can't go to Hawaii until I go to the doctor. We can't even buy our plane tickets until we go! NOT FAIR! I so want to go but he has a good point. I really need to go to the doctor.

 I guess the thing I don't want to hear is "you can't have kids" because there is nothing I want more than to be a mom. I love kids a lot. And it would break my heart if I couldn't have kids of my own. But that's life for you. We were put in this life because only we can handle it. So I will make that doctor's appointment this week. (Plus I've been in a lot of pain and I just want it over)

Hawaii is going to be my motivation over the next couple of months. To do well in school, to go to the doctor's, to survive work.

Just think in 6 months I'll be here. Woot!

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