Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas and New Years Post (finally)

So this was my first Christmas not spending it at my parents house. Kinda weird and surreal... Kinda sucked to because we all know I've been having some medical problems and Christmas Eve I didn't feel good at all. Kinda sucked and then on Christmas morning I was sick to my stomach because of the medication I was on. No bueno. But it was also REALLY weird because Zack's family does things different than mine. 

I love this Christmas tree, (plus I got a new camera and as you can see these are my new pictures with it and it's so nice!) Anyways so every Christmas eve I would sleep in my brothers room or they would sleep in mine usually. We would get up about 4 in the morning and be very quiet and go peak through the presents trying to figure out who got the biggest presents. And then we would go back to our rooms and then go back out again and then go back to our room for the next 2 hours until we made enough noise that we woke up my dad and then we would wait until my mom got home from work and open presents.

We slept downstairs and then it was about 5:30ish maybe 6 when Jace and Russell woke up, sorry I mean woke ME up who knows when they actually woke up. But apparently they aren't allowed to go upstairs until there parents are ready. I was so weirded out. I was like What? No peaking what is this?! So I was trying to figure out why they were just sitting there on the stairs until 6:30 and I really had to go to the bathroom that I finally walked up and said I wasn't peeking. And then we finally go to go upstairs and these were the presents we all go.

Intense airsoft guns. No joke I thought they were real....

First Christmas together. It was happy. But umm... I'm sick and so is he but we look great!

#1 Taylor Swift Fans right here! Jace got Taylor Swift shirt, note book, photobook, and wrist band, guitar picks. I'm surprised he didn't get Taylor Swift underwear! 

First Christmas together and it was a white Christmas!

Yeah. I'm an awesome wife I got him those. He can dress from head to toe in Rockies clothes. 

Dude... We all know there is no one in the cop car when there is an inch of snow on it (and it got egged)

Zack is probably the most attractive person I know!

She got a new princess kitchen set! She's actually really happy about it despite what she looks like in the next couple of pictures

See she's super distracted and only wanted to play. Didn't even want to take a picture with me :(

Tyler's crush. Alex Morgan Olympic Soccer Athlete

All of her presents from us except the nun chucks are Alex's or Tyler's she just preferred to play with them. 

And this is Flynn Ryder. Yes I know its a horse and the horses name is maximus but his name is flynn ryder. 

Sophi's minnie mouse pajamas

We were suppose to stick out our tongues and that didn't happen...

New Years

Yeah I spent most of my New Years with Sophi but she is one of my most favorite person in the world and I LOVE when I get to spend time with her. Love her cute little personality. After we dropped her off at home we went back to my parents house and played a game of salt lake monopoly then Zack and I went home. And he played xbox and I fell asleep at like 10:30. Great New years. Oh well. Anyways. Sorry this post was so late!

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  1. looks fun! im sorry you were sick though :( thats no fun at all, i hope you are able to figure things out and start feeling better soon!


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