Friday, January 4, 2013

3 day military diet

I decided I want to do the 3 day military diet. It keeps floating around on pinterest and I have all these pins on there to actually start looking good but I haven't done anything for it. So I decided I'm gonna do this one. I don't think I'll actually start it until Monday though so that way I can do it Monday- Wednesday and then have cheat days Thursday- Sunday. 

Now if I am going to go through with this and I get good results I'll tell you what I did. I'm gonna have to substitute the coffee and tea for surgarless hot chocolate because well I don't drink coffee and tea. (plus it just tastes better) 

Now from what I read it's not the most delicious diet but you aren't doing for yummyness. It's to look good. I just want to lose a few pounds for myself get back to my premarried weight. I mean I gained 15 pounds in 6 months but I think I lose weight fast because I went to the gym a few times with my parents and I'm back down to 120. (I also think you weigh more around that time of the month with all the extra water weight so that might be why I dropped a little)

But I will get my pre weight before I start and take a picture and then do the same. If I don't lose anything... Well then you know it didn't work or I cheated some how. But I'll give you a run down on how it goes and if it actually works! So Sunday night I'll get the pictures and weight and then on Wednesday after my class I'll do the same and post pictures. It's only 3 days. I think I'll survive.

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