Monday, December 3, 2012

6 months

I'm just sitting here at work. Bored. And thought maybe this would be a good time to update my blog! 

Saturday marked out 6 month anniversary. I have been married for 6 whole months. Time has flown since we got married. Everyone says the first year is the hardest. So were half way through the hardest part of marriage.

We've definitely had some rough patches but I thought we worked through those well enough! And were doing really well. I mean for the most part. We kinda spent our grocery money on Christmas presents (oops!) so we kinda don't have any food in our house. We have been eating so no worries there. I'm just saying that we don't have any GOOD food left. And I really don't have time to go grocery shopping. There is SO much going on. But that's life for you. 

So I'm just gonna say what we've learned and been going through for the last 6 months. 

-got married
-went on honeymoon
-first camping trip as a married couple

-Went to Denver for open house (my first time in Denver)
-Went to a Rockies game
-I got moved to full time (boo) :(

-first major fight (glad we got that over with)
-Zack transferred to Orem Walmart
- Celebrated 3 years of being together
-Moved into our new apartment
-I started singing in choir again

-Bought our first car together!

- First Deer hunt camping trip
-first general conference together
-Went to the emergency room
-First Halloween together (even though I was so doped up)

-Bought our wonderful new couch
-First choir performance since high school
-first thanksgiving together
-Went to temple square for the first time since getting married
-bought our first Christmas tree

And well December just started so we obviously don't have anything to say yet.

Life is just awesome!

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