Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hi Blogging Friends! It's been awhile. 

I went to the doctor just yesterday. And you know what they told me. My options. So Zack and I have some big decisions ahead of us.... On lots of things. 

I don't want to get into too much details because sometimes things are just too much information! So in order to avoid that I will just give you a run down. 

I'm okay! Yay! Well at least that is what the lady told me. I'm gonna be okay because it's only one side. She said the pain should stop soon because the fluid should be trickling out. So that's alright. My body appears to be healing pretty good on it's own thank goodness. 

On a happy note we bought a couch! A super cute and comfortable couch that I am super excited about! It comes tomorrow. We redecorated our apartment. Were not done totally but I will maybe tomorrow I will put up some pictures of our humble abode. 

Funny story time?

Last night Call of Duty 2 came out. Zack preordered it and him and Taylor decided they were going to go get it at midnight. (I really don't understand why) but anyways. So I started rearranging our apartment at about 4 o'clock. I was going stir crazy and wanted something different. So I redecorated it and I absolutely love it! Anyways I was hurting pretty bad so I decided after dinner I would take a loratab so I wouldn't be up all night in pain. So about 730ish I decided to take it. Zack and I roll out of little futon bed thing on the floor so I can watch netflix. 

Well, Zack and I during the day decided that we needed to play mortal combat. Have you ever seen a drugged person play an xbox. Pretty funny. I lost almost all but 1. So after that  I started watching clue. And then Taylor came over when he got off. I was totally falling asleep and I wanted to watch my favorite part so I fast forwarded. It was funny but I was so drugged. They finally started playing there dumb game and left a few minutes later. 

Zack came home... not sure what time. Maybe 12:25? I can't remember. He asked if he could play his game but I didn't think it was wise since it was already late and I knew he would play forever! So I made him lay by me and I stuck my hand on his face. Why? I was drugged but seriously. I kept my hand there for a while. I'm so weird. Goodness. 

Anyways. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. i am glad you are okay! good luck making big decisions as a couple!


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