Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Journey to Hawaii

So today was the state championship for my 15 year old brother. I think we've been to the state championship 5 times and won it 4 times or been 4 times and and won all of them. I'm not exactly sure. But if you want to read last year's post refer to this post. It'll take you to last years championship game blog post.

Well this game was much more intense. But I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I just put them up and give you all a play by play since you weren't able to be there. But trust me! It gets good!! 

He looks a little nervous...

I took these before the game start. Poor Tyler he was so nervous and psyched up that he couldn't even eat breakfast. It's funny the whole team listened to music warming up.

Warm ups

The presentation of the players. 

They are some sharp looking boys! 

Here are just some pictures during the game

and here we go!

Watching the game

Story time? I think so. There was this one issue that kept going on.. Where La Roca thought it would be okay to play on the ground. Well it's against the rules. But they kept doing it because the ref wouldn't call it. (he was a terrible ref!) So this kid was on the ground and Tyler was trying to get the ball I swear to you it went on for like 2 minutes. Finally he got up and started kneeling over the ball so Tyler couldn't boot it. So what did Tyler do? He kicked the kid so he would move. When the ref called it the kid said "but ref he kicked me" Well next time instead of playing on the ground you'll actually get some guts and face Tyler. 

This guy came by during the game. I promise it was a lot close than it looks in the picture!

Tyler's throw in

Now since were at that point in the game let me break it down to you how this game went. and why it was so intense. So the team we were playing some of our old players last year had went to La Roca (this team we played) So we kinda really wanted to beat them. Well last night on facebook La Roca decided to get on facebook and tell everyone they were going to Hawaii before they, you know, actually played the game. So it made our players.. um... can you say more determined to win?

Well the first half it was really close. We didn't score anything
Second half. We didn't score anything either. So it was a couple of goose eggs. And so we went into overtime. Now let me tell you how soccer works if you aren't aware. If you don't score in over time. Then you go into PK's. Each team gets 5 PK's... It's so much pressure. If you get what I mean so I really didn't want it to come to that.

Well we didn't score and they didn't score in over time. So guess what that means... Pk's.... Well so they decided and everything... Our team went first. Stevey (spelling?) went first. Goal! Then La Roca. Goal. Then   Jerry. Goal! Then La Roca. Goal. Then T... 

Setting up for the 3rd PK
Now I don't think I have ever been more nervous for Tyler in my life! I talked to him after the game and he told me the walk from the end of the field to there felt like an hour... Well I didn't get one of the actual shot. Because well I was freaking out so much and I wanted to see the actual shot! But guess what. He made it! GOAL!

(By the way you see all those people watching. Everyone came over to stop and see this game that is how intense it was! On the side we were sitting there were tons more people!)

Then it was La Roca's turn... And guess what James blocked it! It was Awesome!!!!! And then it was Leo's turn. And GOAL! Then it was La Roca's turn. And this last one was one of our old players. And guess what James blocked it! We won 4-2. 

right after they tackled James for his amazing 2 saves!

I'm so proud of you guys!!! 

The Medal Ceremony

Tyler got his medal!
Have you ever seen these kids look so happy in there lives?!

James our goalie. This kid is a beast! He saved us! He handled the pressure well! Good job!! I'm not sure I could handle the pressure you had! 

Well that speaks for themselves.

Now let me explain the above picture... La Roca thought they were gonna win so they bought those leiu's (?) Well since we won they gave them to us. I have never seen a bunch of kids so angry in my life... But we won fair and square. I just think next time you shouldn't say you won something when you didn't. 

They won free shoes.

T you played a good game and I am so proud of you!

Now Tyler is such a good sport he went over to some of the players of the La Roca team and told them good game and things like that. Well our players went home and posted on facebook that they had won. Well La Roca got on there and started bagging on our players. So it's obvious that we won today. Not only on the field but with our attitudes as well. I just can't believe we can't shake people's hands and say congrats. And move on. Be happy for them. But instead our players had to delete there facebook posts because you decided to be selfish. Good sportsmanship goes a long way and it's obvious this team didn't have it. I hope that one day the things you said to our players comes back and bites you on the butt. Just as it did today when you lost the game. 

Utah FC great job on not only the game but your attitude! 

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