Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh Marriage

I'm sure many of you in marriage have looked at your husband and just thought really? Seriously?

I love Zack. I love our relationship. It's awesome. But last night was one of those nights. I really looked at him and said. Really. 

I do get a good giggle out of messing with him though. Because Zack is a goof ball. I do get a good giggle when I wake up every morning and Zack has major bed head. Like MAJOR bed head. I'm sure I have major bed head too. But I do wake up before him so I do get the giggle.

I think my favorite part of the day is right after I get all ready for the day. I sit around bored with nothing to do. So what do I do? Well of course I go and bug Zack!! And not in the nice way. Now normally I'll put on my favorite songs and sing to them as I'm getting ready and then I go jump on our bed to wake up Zack. Well yesterday... I went to jump on our bed and accidentally tripped and fell on Zack's ankle (oopsss...) what a nice wife I am... 

I think my other favorite part of the night is right before I go to sleep. Zack and I (well most nights when I don't fall asleep) stay up for a bit to talk. I don't think I ever wrote about the story about us tucking each other in... it ended with me almost breaking my arm and me hitting Zack... On purpose/accident below the belt to be funny....  That was a fun night ending in pain and lots of laughs. So last night Zack thought it would be funny to try it again but this time I was smarter and didn't get hurt. And I didn't hit him below the belt. I'm sure Zack is happy about that.

I do hate that I work from 9-6 everyday and Zack works 11-8. I try to cherish those little moments and Sundays since that is the only day off we have together. Marriage is hard I think about our 3rd month it got a bit rocky but were going on 5 months and it feels like it is much easier now! I feel like I really know him now and we have a routine and that we actually know how to talk to each other and have fun.

Marriage is the greatest thing. You have someone who completes you. Knows you better than anyone. Could probably finish your sentences/thoughts. Marriage is the best. Some days are good and some days are bad. But that's life. And not everyone is happy every second of every day. I've learned a lot from others and got great advice. I love my relationship and I'm so grateful that I have Zack. Family is forever and I'm so glad that I get to be with my goof forever!

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