Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I miss this girl :(

I miss this girl. We used to talk so much. She is probably the girl I look up to the most. She always made me want to do better. I looked up to her spirituality. She is just so good. She is the good we need in the world. And right now she is a senior in high school. The year I was when she was a freshman. Let me tell you, if you have not met this girl you are seriously missing out.

 We haven't been to hang out lately because well she is so busy! I know that feeling, also because I am married and I am busy working full time and trying to get my butt back into school. But she graduates in May. Which means the two of us will be in college. And then we'll be like equal. Kinda. She is ten times smarter than me.

 I miss these moments where we just could talk about everything. She won't ever judge you and she is just so fun! We're actually kinda like twins. We're clumsy, we get random bruises and we have no idea where we get them. When we went to girls camp and were in the same canoe I don't know how we didn't tip honestly.

I can't believe this was a million years ago. And now she is doing things like this:

24/7 I feel like. She is amazing with all that she is taking on! I am amazed she is still breathing! Just kidding Racquel! I miss you! I can't wait to hang out with you again when you know... your not too busy changing the world. Oh thanks for letting me steal your picture! Enjoy your senior year because soon your gonna be old like me and then your gonna miss those days.

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