Friday, September 14, 2012

Not Again

So many of you remember two years ago when I got stung on the foot during choir tour by a sting ray? You remember? GREAT!!! Well a couple of weeks later my leg got infected. BAD! I almost had to spend my 18th birthday in the hospital. Yeah awesome. 

Two years later. No joke. My leg is getting all these red blotchy marks on the same leg that got stung. Uh excuse me?! It's been two freaking years. I still can't feel anything in my foot. It's got permanent nerve damage. For the love! So seriously to add this. I never ever thought that this dumb sting ray incident would still be going on. It's like I can't win. It's still torturing me. 

I'm not sure if that's exactly it. My leg has been doing this for about a week maybe 2 now. I finally showed my mom and she told me to take some medicine and get some anti itch cream. Well I stopped shaving my legs and putting lotion on them (because I thought that it could've been my razor or lotion) Nope it's still red and swelling. Every freaking day. I've finally given into my mother. I'm going to the doctor. 

I don't like doctors. They give you medicine and shots two things that I absolutely HATE! So yeah, next week I'm going to the doctor with my mom. 1. Because she is a nurse and I am not very smart and she can explain things better than a doctor can. I don't feel comfortable asking questions to them. 2. because Zack can't go and I am the biggest baby ever. I don't ever go to the doctor's by myself. 3. this is a new doctor who is actually used to be in Zack's ward. But I don't know him so I'm a bit freaked out. 

I'll let you know the verdict. But it doesn't look good. :(

On a happy note its Friday. Date night!! Zack and I are going shopping! :D We're pretty stoked. (or at least I am) 


  1. UGG! Doctors! Sorry my friend! Haven't talked to you in a LONG TIME! Let me know how it goes. I have my own horror story to tell you about itching and going to a new dr. who happens to be a relative...waiting for a referral. He's a Dermatologist. UGG! Yeah, but I'm tired of this. Anyway, Good luck with that! ♥

  2. for real?? Wanna know something crazy? i was totally just thinking about that like yesterday how I went with you and all to the station. Then you posted about it! Our minds must still be connected!


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