Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My soul mate

Zack is seriously going to kill me for posting this... He'll probably lose some respect in the "manly department" but to me I think it's totally freaking awesome!!! 

Have any of you seen this tv show?!

Zack and I are completely addicted. He's the one who got ME addicted. I'm serious I watched the first 2 season on netflix in like 3 days. I was hooked! I started watching the series in the middle of the third one so I couldn't start watching it. I tried I was completely lost. 

This series you have to watch it from start to finish or it won't make any sense! Trust me!! Anyways so last night Zack was looking for something to watch on netflix. I was feeling a little depressed and he had a major headache so he was trying to cheer me up (he's so nice) anyways he put on vampire diaries since it always cheers me up when....

Season 3 of vampire diaries is on netflix!!!! He promised he wouldn't start watching it until I finished dinner. I hurried and cooked and we started episode 1 of season 3! and then episode 2, 3, 4. We stayed up until like 2 watching it.

Unfortunately Zack's xbox live quit working in the middle of an intense part in episode 4 or 5 I think? I can't remember I just remember we watched a lot of vampire diaries. Anways we stayed up for like another 20 minutes trying to fix it and then giving up hopelessly. Then we got it fixed this morning and finished the episode. 

Seriously if you haven't seen it watch it. It's addicting and you'll get sucked in. Its not like Twilight. Its TEN times better. I promise. I can't even watch the Twilight movies anymore. This series puts them to shame! Anyways.... Hope life is awesome for you! Oh by the way Happy Birthday to my big brother Matt who turned 22 today. (I feel so old! I remember when he turned 5)

 He is absolutely my soul mate! Thanks Zack for being a great husband and being completely obsessed with those shows with me!

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