Monday, September 3, 2012

Life is Hard... Well maybe not

Do you ever just sit there and think wow my life is hard? And then you start to get over whelmed with everything that is going on in your life? To the point where you want to cry?

Well this isn't me right now. I think life is wonderful, at least it now seems like it's finally getting better. But I watch and read some of the things my friends post on facebook, there blog, and just talk about it and I just feel so bad for them. 

Now I am not trying to judge. It's not my place. Heaven knows I've had hard days but I just honestly feel bad for them.

Yesterday Zack and I attended our new ward. Of course it was fast and testimony meeting. A guy got up and was talking about how they bought this house worked so hard on it finally moved in and they realized that this house was not livable. He stated it felt like the worst week of his life. They needed to find a new place to live and things like that. 

Well he went on to say they were so blessed for about 10 months that it was about time the Lord gave them some trials to work through.

Now I feel I've had my share of trials in this life and some days I sit there and think "how is it fair that I am still being tried and tested after everything that's already happened to me" I looked at people's lives and felt so jealous about how good things were going in there lives.

Then I heard this saying, now this isn't the exact quote but it went something along the lines of don't compare your life's behind the scene reel to someone else's highlight reel. I used think life for others were so easy but then again it might be hard and there just putting on a good show. 

Things are starting to really look up for Zack and I. We were both blessed to get full time so we can work to support ourselves. We found an apartment that is pretty good and we both are loving it. We have an amazing ward that we both love. and even made some friends. Which is a plus since we've been feeling like we have no friends for the longest time. 

I'm grateful for family our parents have been a huge help including Zack's grandparents. Matt and Whitney for always being our best friends. Seriously if we didn't have them we would have no friends. And then our little brothers for always putting a smile on our faces. 

I have much to be grateful for and I am not going to waste my time crying about people who don't care about us anymore. I used to get upset about the "friends" we have. Then I realized they don't care about us so I shouldn't care about them. So we don't. We've made some new friends and moved on. I'm grateful for everything and excited to start this new chapter in our lives. 

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