Monday, September 24, 2012

A looonggg night

Remember a couple of posts ago I wrote about my leg how it got infected and all this stuff. Well I forgot to make a doctor's appointment. Ooppsss..... And I thought that it just had gone away on its own. Well it didn't.

Last night it decided to spread. It was everywhere I was burning and everything! Oh it was horrible! I texted my mom and she was telling Zack and I some stuff to try. Well a shower bad idea! That hurt sooo bad! then I put on some of this anti itching cream and boy did that burn. All of this stuff we tried and it didn't work. I finally fell asleep and about 3 in the morning I started itching like crazy! Poor Zack.

Except I don't feel bad for "poor Zack" because poor Zack decided the only way to keep me from itching is to smack where ever was closest to him. Needless to say I got smacked on the head a lot. :( but it did kinda help. 

So I went to the doctor this morning. She has no idea whats wrong with me. Yeah... I have the problem a lot. First with my heart condition. Second with my infected leg 2  years ago. And now a rash that is just popping up. She gave me some steroid cream and told me to take 2 different types of medicine. If it doesn't calm down in 2 days then I need to go get another prescription. And if that doesn't work then I get to go see another doctor. Lucky me. Not. 

So I hope your night was better than mine. Its been a long day. I came home and just scrubbed everything down. I'm still itchy. That seriously sucks....

On a funny note, I was getting my blood pressure taken and I have low blood pressure. Poor medical assistant she made my arm feel like it was going to fall off because she had no idea what she was doing. She wouldn't even go low enough. She even asked if I was dead since she couldn't find a pulse. WOW!!! Finally the nurse came in and took it 80/50. Which is normal. But it was still funny.

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