Friday, August 31, 2012


Hi I will post pictures soon but we moved into a new apartment. When I first looked at these apartments I really liked them, we also looked at a lot of  apartments and we just weren't satisfied with the ones we were seeing. Then I saw these and I really liked them. They are cheap which at the time Zack and I were both working part time jobs so we needed somewhere cheap. However next week we both start full time. Well technically I started yesterday but next week starts the full time for a full week and Zack starts on Saturday. I really do like this apartment. Yes there is some flaws to the apartment. Like we don't know how to work the shower. I think there might be a piece missing. So we have to take a thing called shower/baths. It's interesting. Actually we've been watching a lot of hunger games so I actually call our baths Katniss's baths. I'm not exactly sure why I do that. I just do. Our kitchen doesn't have a microwave but my parents being as gracious as they are have an extra in there kitchen and said we could use there's. They truly are wonderful!! When we moved in I thought everything but the living room was smaller. But now that I've unpacked the bedroom it's actually bigger than I thought. Our bed fits comfortably and we still have lots of space to walk around. I like it. I really do. Or living room is still piled with junk and boxes. I get to go through those tonight and tomorrow. And hopefully tomorrow everything will be in perfect order and unpacked. We have internet again hence this blog won't neglected anymore. Yay!! That's all really. I'm really looking forward to our new experiences here. It's been a great 2 days. Except for the shower thing. That really sucks :(  Anyways I got to go to work cuz you know I work full time now :) Have an amazing Friday everyone! I know I will!

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  1. yay for new apartments! and i totally know about all of the "fun" little fixing up projects. our whole house has been a big project. this next week we are fousing on making it possible for a washer and dryer to have a place in our house! Have fun full time!


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