Friday, August 10, 2012

Looking Back

I attended a wedding today. Well sorta the reception part isn't over. But I did attend the sealing. I have a good friend Mikel who I've known since Elementary school. He got married today. Mikel and his bride Kourtney looked absolutely amazing. It made me a bit sad that my wedding day is over. I feel like it goes to fast. You spend all this time and work on one day. I loved my wedding day. As time goes on I realize you just remember the best parts. And the bad things that happened all just seem to fade away. Like the fact that our cake melted! Now its just so silly. I mean I wasn't too heart broken over it. To me its just cake. It all goes in your mouth. It did taste heavenly though.

For future brides: savor every moment. Take as many pictures as you can. Write in your journal and document your favorite parts. Enjoy each other's company. I feel like as soon as your back from your honeymoon, real life begins. You have to worry about making it from each pay check to paycheck. Zack and I combined right now probably have about 20 bucks. Enjoy your honeymoon. Live in the moment because as soon as your back... That's when you start realizing things about your spouse you never knew...

Remember moments like these, moments of pure joy knowing that you get to be with your best friend for eternity

Remember you still have all eternity to make every day count!

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