Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome to Colorado

We went to Colorado because we had a open house for all of Zack's family who didn't get to come to the wedding. That was on Saturday and we left for Colorado on Wednesday. So on Wednesday night we drove to Grand Junction where Zack's parents live, we spent the day watching the boys play video games and running errands, and that night we drove the rest of the way to Denver. On Friday I left with the girls to go to this cute shopping mall and then we went to.... A ROCKIES GAME! And I'm pleased to say I watched about 90% of the game! 

And I'm happy to say the Rockies won! On Saturday we had our open house. I met a lot of people! Crazy to see how much more family I have. 

Zack's grandma stole Zack's sun glasses

I got to talk with these two they are amazing people! I'm glad I got to know them!

And on Sunday we drove all the way from Denver to Provo. It was a very long drive.

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