Monday, July 9, 2012

Feelings today

We leave for a big Bleyle reunion on Wednesday.... I'm extremely excited because Zack hasn't seen his dad's side of the family for quite awhile. So I am truly excited for him. I'm also a bit nervous because I have been dating Zack for almost 3 years and I am now a Bleyle and I haven't even met them yet. So I'm extremely nervous.

Once a month Zack's mom's family gets together to have family home evening. It's so much fun. He has a lot of family and they are just such good wonderful people! I am truly blest to have these such awesome people as my family forever.

However... It makes me so sad that I have always wanted a family like that. And I wish my family was like that. I wish we would see each other more and that we would just enjoy each other's companies and laugh and joke and have family home evening.

I keep telling Zack's family how good they have it. Russ (Zack's little brother) is here visiting and I told him his life is so easy. He told me that it wasn't. Zack told me later that he's still young and Zack wishes he didn't take for granted the family that he has. 

I love being married. I love the fact I have my best friend to come to everyday. I love that I can stay up all night talking to him if I want to. I love that he loves me. I love how he kills all the bugs in the apartment. I love how much he provides for me. And especially how he gets out of bed almost asleep to check to see if the door is locked to ease my worries.

I'm truly blest to have the gospel in my life. I am truly grateful for tithing, and the example my parents are. I'm truly grateful for Zack's grandparents always wanting to go with us to the temple. And I'm so grateful that I have the priesthood in my home. I can't imagine my life without it.

We just signed the lease on our new apartment!!!! YAY!!!! :D I'm so estatic!! Its an awesome place! It's called the Heritage Court Apartments. The management is great. They have a great system going, we have an awesome apartment. I'm just excited! well hopefully we get it we started all the paper work, they just have to run our credit scores. Hopefully they're good!

Anyways I hope everything is going great for you guys! Thanks for listening!

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