Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Love Story

Okay I am completely bored at work and have nothing to do. So I decided to write a very long post about the funny life story about Zack and I. So if you don't want to read I'll totally understand this is just for fun for me :) And I apologize now I don't have all the dates and years right. I'm just guessestmating.

On February 26 1992 Zackary Karl Bleyle was born in American Fork Utah. Almost 2 months later on April 25 1992 Courtney Nicole Gordon was born in Lubbock Texas. At that moment nobody thought they would ever cross paths.

When Zack was 5 or 6 (I think)  he moved to his home in Provo. When Courtney was 7 she moved to her home in Provo. They lived only a couple blocks away. They were even in the same stake but they never crossed paths.

When they were in 8th grade Courtney had a crush on one of Zack's best friends. Courtney used to sit kind of close to where her crush sat. And guess who was sitting next to her crush? Zack. But yet it never clicked for them. In fact we had no idea about this until  2 weeks ago until Zack brought up this kid and Courtney was talking about riding the bus. That was a funny conversation :)

Finally in the 11th grade a boy named Spencer Thomas (a mutual friend) introduced Zack and Courtney. Zack immediately fell in love with Courtney (okay not really but I like to pretend he did) he did think that she was super cute and wanted to play it cool. Unfortunately for Zack, Spencer told her that Zack was weird and to stay away from him. And she did and got another boyfriend.

Zack was so funny when Courtney was dating the other boy. Courtney didn't know it at the time but Zack was trying to pull moves on her while she was dating another boy! (scandalous!) He would try to hold her hand during movies when her boyfriend wasn't there. And during his birthday... he got his wish they watched a scary movie and since Zack was Courtney's best friend Courtney cuddled with Zack (I know shame on me)

And then on August 17 2009 they finally started dating! :D YAY!! it was a hard rode. They almost broke up countless times. But they pushed through and stayed together despite the differences. And on August 16 2011 Zack asked Courtney to marry him. Well actually he didn't ask. He told Courtney she was going to marry him. WOW!!

On June 1rst 2012 they were sealed for time and all eternity in there castle and right now they are living happily ever after!!

Whew! maybe I'll update this post on sunday with pictures!

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  1. Twue wuv... You truly are the Princess Bride. In my book


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