Thursday, June 28, 2012


Have you ever had that moment when your just plain old tired? It's not because you didn't sleep. It because  when you think about everything you have to do and everything that is coming up in life you just get so tired. 

I'm exhausted. I thought that once I had the wedding over with everything would calm down. I was totally wrong. I'm just tired. I'm realizing what it means to be broke. I'm trying to get back in school, and work and try to find a new apartment. It's not as fun and easy as people think. I'm starting to make myself sick. I think it's because I stress myself out too much, Especially this week. I had to register my car and it failed safety and emissions. I didn't take that into account. So when I thought that we would be fine for money these next two weeks I was so wrong. I don't even know what to do. 

I miss those care free days like these when I didn't have to worry about rent and bills and grocery shopping. But hey hopefully in 50 years I'll look back and miss these years.

Now back to reality

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