Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fathers day + Hospital Visit

Fathers day did not turn out how I wanted it to this year. I had it all planned out, I was going to wake up early, make Zack breakfast in bed, the girls were going to do a little drawing for him, and then give it to him and we were going to have a WONDERFUL fathers day. It was perfect in my head. And then I woke up....

I had been having some serious pain on Friday, with what I thought was a clogged milk duct. I did everything I could to get it to be relieved. I told Zack that if it wasn't gone by Monday, I'd go to the doctor. But on Saturday it was basically gone. But...

I woke up Sunday morning, completely sick, migraine, body aches, chills, and in serious pain. Eventually I realized I needed to go to the hospital and be seen. So I left Zack at home with the kids and I went by myself (stupid decision)

I showed up got my vitals taken and had my blood pressure at 85/61, but a heart rate of like 78. Everyone was freaking out, and then turns out I was on the border of going into septic shock, my heart stayed steady so that was the only reason they let me go home. They told me to start pounding the fluids down, so that's what I did.

I spent the day at home laying on the couch while Zack took care of the kids and me. ON FATHERS DAY. Not at all how I wanted the day to happen. The poor guy was always doing something, getting something for me, or for the kids. He was awesome.

Not a good pictures but that's me laying on the couch, and the girls literally attacking him.

He's such a good dad! Happy fathers day Zack, even though it sucked. :(

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Orem Summer Fest 2018

The Orem Summer Fest is one of our favorite family traditions. It's something that we have been doing since we moved back to Utah when I was 3. My grandparents lived down the street from the parade so we would walk from their house to the parade route, and my dance teachers house was where we would sit and watch the parade. We try our hardest to sit there every year, and still park at my grandpa's old house, even though he moved away. 

It's so fun to see the girls doing something I did when I was their age. And it's crazy now that me and my cousins are all grown up with kids of our own playing together like we did. It's a tradition I hope we keep for a long time!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Summer Time

It's summer time! Of course the day we put the pool up was the day that the wind was blowing like freaking crazy! And it wasn't as hot. But still, it was fun! It was nice to just get away from the crazy for a few minutes!

And of course pictures of Max. We were chasing him around the yard trying to get the ball back. No luck. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Family Reunion + a cabin trip

 Last weekend, the weekend of Zack and I's anniversary it was crazy weekend. We had a family reunion with my family, and then we headed up to Zack's cabin immediately afterwards to spend time with Zack's Denver family. And of course we took pics!

So here are from the Henderson Family Reunion:

And then we headed up to the cabin to spend time with Zack's family! It was Grayson's first time at the cabin and he did really well! We played in the sand, at the playground, road on four wheelers, played games, at lots of food. You know, the usual. ;)

 It was a crazy, but fun weekend! It kicked off our already super busy summer! ;)

Monday, June 4, 2018

May Wrap Up

May was a little more on the low key side, but June is already becoming a crazy hectic month! So we soaked it all in!!

Grayson turned 1 month old!!

My parents got a new side by side, so we spent a lot of time riding in it. And for memorial weekend we went riding. 

With the weather being nice we spent time outside a lot! 

We did a lot of shopping! 

We celebrated mothers day! 

Grayson's little personality has started to come out and started to smile a bunch! 

Madeline finished her last day of dance class (at least for now) 

Had my postpartum check up, found out I DON'T NEED SURGERY! WOOT! 

We went to 2 of AJ's graduation. 

I went back to work :'(

We went to a graduation swimming party for Zack's cousin! 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Post Childbirth Complications

So, I've been waiting to write this one until after I found out all the information. So lets go back a few weeks...

After I had Grayson we thought we avoided hemorrhaging after birth. But 15 minutes after, they checked me and a spew of blood came out of me. And I lost 1400 ML of blood overall in the hospital.

2 weeks later I woke up to find myself in a pool of my own blood. It was terrifying and scary, and I spent the day laying down. Well things slowed down, so I started my normal activities... until I went to the mall 2 days later and had a secondary postpartum hemorrhage, I was bleeding out. again. So we went to the ER.

The performed an ultrasound and found that I had a mass in my uterus. They weren't sure if it was retained product from childbirth or a large blood clot. They called my OB, and my OB put me on methergine, (again) to try to slow down the bleeding for the weekend, (it was a Saturday) and on Monday to go in and talk about options. I went in, we talked about doing surgery but ultimately the doctor and I made the decision to see if it'll pass on its own. And then we'd check at my 6 week appointment.

Well yesterday (even though I'm 7 weeks) I went to the doctor and he checked me, my stitches healed and my uterus had gone back to it's original size. Which means I passed the blood clot. He explained I had a uterine atony. (you can read about it here) but essentially it means that my uterus didn't clamp down after childbirth and left my blood vessels open so I was just bleeding out with nothing to stop it. Which is why I hemorrhaged. After given all the medications, I must've formed a blood clot in my uterus from the open blood vessel that didn't clamp down and my body was trying to get rid of it 2 weeks later. 

So... yeah. I'm glad I have answers as to why I keep bleeding out during childbirth. And I'm glad to finally be able to say I'm on the mend! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hailey turns 2!

Our little miss Hailey Kay turned 2 on May 2! I seriously can't believe she is already 2! How in the world did that happen?? We had a cute little puppy party for her birthday, Hopefully I'll get that posted soon, or I'll forget like I did with Madeline's... oops.  

Anyways, at 2 years old:

-Hailey is talking up a storm! Seriously is there nothing this girl can't say?? My favorite thing she says is "Madeline" it's adorable, and also "elbow" she says it like "nelmo"
 -loves to eat, unlike her big sister she's not very picky. She'll eat just about anything.
-loves to dance, and sing
-favorite songs are shake it off, bad blood, hands clap, and let it go
-favorite animals are puppies and bears
-still a complete and total momma's girl.
-loves to play with her puppies and babies.
-She knows Grayson's name is Grayson but prefers to just call him baby.
-She can be a total monster and scream and cry and the next second be the sweetest thing.

We love our Hailey Kay! Bring on the terrible two's! ;)

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