Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Things I want to avoid this delivery

So, I have PTSD from my previous deliveries with my girls. Hailey's birth story is here and Madeline's is here

Madeline's wasn't quite as bad as Hailey, but the recovery was much worse. And Hailey the delivery was really bad but the recovery was better.

1. Tearing

oh my gosh, if you have never tore during delivery, count your lucky stars! Because Madeline was 9 pounds, yes 9 pounds and the doctors weren't anticipating that. I tore, to a 3. A 4 is tearing completely, so I wasn't quite there. But man... it was rough. I also had a small tear right on the inside so sitting down for months was like serious pain everywhere down there.

Hailey I had to have the aide of a vacuum. so I tore to a 2. That recovery wasn't nearly as bad since I didn't tear on the inside either.

2. Bleeding out

You guys, with Madeline when I tore, it of course caused me to bleed out a bit, but once they stitched me up I was good to go.

Hailey was a completely other story. I got stitched up pretty fast, but this time it was all internal. My uterus wasn't clotting off, so it was just bleeding like crazy. I had to be given pills, shots, 3 bags of pitocin, uterus massages every 10 minutes, it went on for an entire day. It took 6 hours before it even slowed down to be moved rooms, and another whole day to not bleed like crazy. And then it took a whole 2 more days before it started to clot.

3. Infection

This time I have been much much more careful, as I was with Hailey avoiding an infection. I got a really bad one with Madeline, and started to feel like I have another one, so I went to the doctor and sure enough, I have the start of one. So we are just treating it now before I have another really bad infection like I did with Madeline.

4. Not getting to hold my baby

So, with Madeline, I didn't do hardly any skin to skin. It freaked me out. Hailey, that's all I did in the hospital. But, we had so many people coming to the hospital with Madeline, which at the time it was fine, because I was going to go home and recover. What I didn't know is that I would spend 2 days bed ridden and not being able to hold my baby.

Hailey I was bleeding out and the side effects from all the medication made me shake really really hard, so I couldn't hold Hailey after about 20 minutes of her being born and it stayed like that for hours. Which is why I did a lot of skin to skin. But I want to be able to hold my baby after they are born and not have to worry about other people, or complications.

I know I'm being picky. But seriously, after our last run to the hospital and talking to the doctors and the nurses, they said chances of the delivery being the same as Hailey are extremely high. They said they'll have the medication on hand, and blood ready to go. But I just want to have a normal delivery for once. I seriously laid in that bed and felt like I was dying. I never want to feel that way again... so I'm hoping to avoid that. if not, then I guess we'll just do what we have to.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Baseball theme baby shower

So since my wonderful husband Zack literally indulges me with all things pink with our girls, I thought, well since we're having a boy I might as well let him have just as much fun!

So we had a baseball themed baby shower! And to be honest I seriously loved it!

Here were the invites I made! I wanted them to look like tickets to a baseball game. Obviously, blurred out phone numbers and addresses for blogging purposes. but I loved the look of it!

Then Zack even helped make the decorations!

I didn't want to play a lot of games at the shower, since I've had 2 baby showers and done the whole game thing. Plus I'm just too exhausted to do it. And since my sister in law just had a baby shower, I thought I'd give my family a break!

But we did a little guess how many baseball game, a baby prediction game and gave out thank you's since I'm THE WORST at sending out thank you cards. Literally the worst. Here's what those looked like.

We added bath bombs, babe ruths, and kisses to the thank you bags. I loved how they turned out! 

And then of course pictures from the shower!

We did a little nacho bar, and I seriously loved it! Turned out so great! And then we had some ice cream sundaes in little batting hats. It was perfect!

I didn't get a picture of my banner that Zack helped me make. But everything was so laid back, and just what I needed.

We felt so loved by everyone who came and showered us and we are definitely ready to have this little guy! Seriously, all the gifts were so thoughtful! The dinosaurs and baseball things for Zack, the handmade blankets, and just every thought out gift has me absolutely touched! We have such wonderful family and friends I can't believe it!

We are so excited for baby boy to be here! 20 days or less now!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Hospital visit #2

On Tuesday on March 6, 2018 I was having contractions all day. I was at work, and decided that when I got home I would try to stop them. The girls were feeling sick, they had coughs and Madeline had a fever, so I was in luck, I knew I was going to be able to lay down and rest to see if I could get them to stop.

I was laying down, drinking water, we took a bath, nothing seemed to stop them.

The girls finally fell asleep at about 3. (that's how you know Madeline definitely wasn't feeling well!) and my contractions started to come at about 5 minutes apart.

Zack came home from work to eat some dinner on his break, and while he was home they started to hurt pretty bad. I told him that we needed to head to the hospital to see if we can get them to stop. So off we went.

They checked me when I got there I was still closed, no dilation, and a tiny bit effaced around 30% you could see on the monitors I really was having contractions and pretty good sized ones too. They decided to give me a shot that mimics adrenaline to see if that would work. 

The side effects are, racing heart, shaky, you can't feel your hands or your feet, it wasn't very fun. But it didn't work. So they decided to try a pill and wait an hour to see if the contractions let up. 

No such luck. Finally my doctor decided to give me some morphine and that should hopefully relax me and my uterus. And I'm so glad! Because that finally worked! 

I had a doctors appointment yesterday, (see I was trying to just wait and make it to the appointment, but nope) It was my group B strep test (so fun...) and then they decided to check me again. I was still at a 1, and this time 60% effaced. I ended up having my "bloody show" yesterday morning (totally TMI) so that's why my effacement went up. 

Baby is still sitting pretty high, so they said when he drops is when I'll probably end up going into labor. So for now, just rest and enjoy the last few weeks being pregnant, and finishing getting ready. 

Because I told literally everyone "I'm not ready yet! I haven't had my baby shower! I don't have my hospital bag packed, my camera charged, the car seat in, a diaper bag! I don't have anything!" 

So yesterday I went and bought my last few items I need. Going to have my baby shower in 2 days, and then make it another week and then I'm fine with him coming! Here's to hoping he stays in for at least another week and a half! 

Monday, March 5, 2018

February Recap

February was a pretty slow month for us. We spent a lot of time just relaxing. But here's a recap.

As I stated earlier, I went into preterm labor, so I was put on restrictions. Which meant, we didn't do much the month of February because we were trying to ensure that I didn't go into labor. We just spent a lot of time relaxing at home. 

Zack's grandma is such a sweet person. She picked out some fabric and wanted me to sew our little guy a quilt. She watched the girls for me while I sewed for about 5 hours straight. It was crazy! 

She also helped me make one for Madeline, if you remember:

And Hailey also used it on her bed! I seriously loved the one we made for the girls, So I'm excited to see how this one turns out. It's such a crazy fabric, not something I would've chosen for myself, so it's kind of awesome!

We started getting ready for my baby shower. It's baseball themed, my baseball playing/loving husband is all pumped and excited for it. He even helped make the decorations because well, I don't know how to draw a baseball, and he does. So he made them for me. I can't wait to show you all how it's all going to turn out! He is even going to be at the shower, because well it's baseball themed! (Even the food!)

Zack turned 26! It was lowkey, and we actually celebrated his birthday this past weekend, so I'll be posting about that soon.

We started to get all the baby stuff out. We got our rock n sleeper since Madeline broke our pack n play we used with the girls. And then yesterday we got the swing out of storage. To say the girls are obsessed with the baby stuff is an understatement. 

We have the car seat sitting in my room, and we can usually find Hailey sitting in it, or Madeline putting her babies in it. Or Hailey putting her babies in it. I try to keep the rock n sleeper put away for now so they don't get in it and break it. But the few times I've busted it out, we can usually find blankets, babies, toys or something of the sort stuffed in it.

I've got my checklist of everything that needs to be done before the baby gets here. And slowly I've been ticking off items on the list. I seriously can't believe in less than a month he'll be here!

Slow month for us, but March is already gearing up to be a busy busy busy month along with April!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Madeline turns 4... almost 2 months ago!

So Madeline turned 4 almost 2 months ago. So I'm slacking, once again, on blog posts.

At 4 years old:

foods: Mac and Cheese, Ramen Noodles, Cheese Sandwiches
Songs: Shake it off, Who let the dogs out, Hands Clap
Color: Still pink!
Game: Floor is lava
Activity: Dancing

Madeline asks questions all day every day, and loves to tell stories. Oh, and never tell her your most embarrassing moments, because Zack and I made that mistake... and well... she never ceases to let us forget!

She has a memory like no other! She remembers things that happened almost a year ago!

Loves to swim, to go to dance class and asks everyday when she can go to school. She's counting down the days!

She is a very protective big sister and if someone is mean to Hailey she will do anything to protect her.

She's so compassionate and loving! She has a spunky personality that we just seriously love!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Pregnancy Update--and a hospital visit

I was doing so well there at the beginning, and now I'm sucking it up! Seriously!

I had Zack take some maternity photos for me a few weeks back. I'm not sure if this will be our last baby or not, so I wanted to document me being huge one last time ;)

28 weeks

30 weeks

32 weeks

So at about 29 weeks maybe it was 30?? I ended up in the hospital for preterm labor.

This is my 3rd baby, so I'm a seasoned veteran now, ;) no but seriously I know what contractions on my body feels like, I know what braxton hicks are. I know all of that. So when I was sitting at work, and I started to feel contractions, and they were coming at a regular pace, instead of randomly, I decided to start timing them. I downed water, I got up and walked around, changed positions, went to the bathroom. Did everything I could to make them go away. And they weren't. 

Interesting fact for me, contractions don't actually hurt. Not until they add pitocin along with it, then it hurts. When I went into labor with Hailey I was in full blown labor walking around target just fine waiting for the hospital to call me back. I got checked in and the nurse was surprised by the intensity of the contractions and how well I was doing. 

(Full blow labor with Hailey) 

So... Anyways, off of that random tangent, I called the OB, let them know what I was feeling and they sent me to the hospital, where I was monitored for about 2 hours. I was having contractions, but only up to a 20, hard contractions are about 50 on that scale. So, while yes I was having contractions, they just weren't hard enough to cause any dilation or effacement. (YAY!) 

They put me on light restrictions: no picking up my 4 year old, limiting carrying around my 1 1/2 year old. Resting more often. taking it easy and not doing all the things I was doing, no walking around for long periods of time. 

The first 3 days was rough, because I was still having them. But I spent most of the time sitting on the couch and then after that they stopped coming (yay!) So I started to just adding in some cleaning and making sure I didn't over do it, and it's been working! 

Zack and I don't think we'll make it to our induction date this time... But who knows! I'm just grateful it's been fine and that everyday this little man stays in the better off he'll be! So we feel so so  grateful! 

Monday, February 5, 2018

January Recap

This past January we did so much! It was much better than it was a year ago, when Zack lost his job, we had no income, and we weren't sure when Zack was going to get another job. This January we did so much and it was so so fun! So here's a recap!

New Years:

We decided we'd take the girls sledding. We went up the canyon up by sundance and went sledding. However the girls didn't last long and we probably were there for about 30 minutes.


We took the kiddo's bowling for fun. Madeline seriously did so good! Hailey was asleep for most of it, but woke up and was so excited to bowl as well!

Madeline turned 4!!

I still need to do a post about this one all on it's own, but for now... this will have to do. These are pictures from her 4 year old shoot!

Dinosaur Museum: 

Zack was seriously so excited about this one! I think he enjoyed it more than the girls! ha.

Snow day:

It finally actually really snowed. And the girls were so so so excited! They had so much fun playing in it! Oh and helping my dad plow the sidewalks on the fourwheeler I'm sure was their favorite part!

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