Thursday, January 10, 2019

My Goals for 2019

My goals for 2018 were pretty much accomplished (except for buying a house, seriously seems to be the one we never get checked off!)

So here are my goals for 2019!

this one might take the whole year but I'm set to be done with my masters in December. I'll be finished with all my classes in October and then have to do my capstone :( But I'm flipping excited to be all done with school once and for all! Woot woot! 

Look at buying a house
I know I know, I put this on my list last year, and the year before. But nope. That is why I said look at buying a house. We are trying to decide if we'll build or just buy on the market. It depends on our financial situation. We have a little bit in savings but hopefully we'll know more in a few months with what we want to do. 

Go on a vacation
seriously though, we haven't gone on a vacation since we've had kids. Ever. So this is high on the priority list. I don't know if it'll happen but I'm wanting to do something. 

Start Vlogging 
I want to start doing weekly vlogs or monthly but I don't know how much time I'll have. My time is already stretched pretty thin with work, school, and 3 kids (active kids at that!) But I want to remember this time, so I really want to vlog!

Monthly date nights
Zack and I have really neglected our one on one time. We both work opposite schedules so we see each other for about 20 minutes a day total. He's rushing off to work when I get home, and I'm heading to bed when he gets home. So we really are wanting to do monthly date nights away from the kids and do one at home. So 2 days nights in a month! 

so, I haven't talked about it on here, but for the last 6 months Madeline and I have been in therapy. We were in a bad situation and we still are kind of in that situation, but we are wanting to move forward with healing. 2018 we spent much of the time in fight or flight mode that we didn't get a chance to heal. So I want to take the time to really heal for us both! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Madeline is 5!!

How in the world is this girl 5?? She is so beautiful inside and out!


1. Who is your favorite person in the whole world? Daddy (I'm a little jealous on this one)
2. What is your favorite color? Pink, Purple, Blue, and Red
3. What's your favorite TV show? PJ Masks, and My little pony
4. What sport do you like best? Soccer
5. What song do you love? Taylor Swift, oh and Gorgeous!
6. What's your favorite cereal? Rainbow
7. Who is your best friend? Ruby
8. What do you want to be when you grow up? A nurse like grandma
9. What are you really good at? Helping my mommy and daddy, and my family
10. Where do you wish you could go on vacation? DISNEYLAND!
11. Favorite Food? Cheese Sandwiches!

I can't believe how big you've gotten! You have the sweetest smile still, you love with all your heart, and are so happy, a bit dramatic now ;) but we love you so much Madeline. I seriously had no idea how beautiful you would be 5 years ago, but I'm amazed everyday by your grace, your heart, and your beauty. I'm so glad I'm your mom sweety! Have the best birthday! You've been so excited to turn 5 I hope it's a much better year for you than 4! Lets make it the best! :*

Friday, December 21, 2018

Gingerbread Houses

We made Gingerbread houses with both Zack's family, and my family. The girls loved it and had fun! And big giant messes.... ;) 

Zack's Family:

My Family:

Our Story: Spoons and Taylor Swift

** To read the previous posts of Our Story, click here**

It wasn't long before Zack got my number and started texting me. We didn't know each other, like at all. We had no classes together ever. We knew of the same people, but for some reason that was the first time we had actually met.

Side note, not relevant to this story 
... funny story, in 8th grade, I had a crush on this boy (one of many ha), I nicknamed him mint boy in my journals and always saw him when I road the bus home. Turns out mint boy and Zack were really really good friends in 8th grade and always rode the bus TOGETHER and I sat next to mint boy, like a lot.  HOW WE NEVER ACTUALLY MET UNTIL 11TH GRADE IS BEYOND ME!

Anyways. Because Zack and I had never talked before we started to play the question game. He'd ask me a question, I would answer, then I'd ask a question and then he would answer.

The question came up what my favorite song was. At the time it was "Hey Stephen" by Taylor Swift. He told me he had never heard of that song... so what did Zack do? He listened to it. And then started listening to Taylor Swift, and promptly became her number 1 fan ;)

Zack had a cool new internet phone, what we call smartphones now days, but back then phones were only used for texting and calling. But Zack got a phone that could get internet. And Taylor Swift came out with a new music video for White Horse. So I got to school all excited to tell Zack, and he suggested we watch it together on his phone.

We did. Well, I did. Zack was more interested in moving the phone closer to him, so I would have to move closer to him to see. Smooth. I didn't find this out until we were dating.

Another "game" Zack liked to play was spoons. No, not the card game. The game was take plastic spoons and try to put them in my pockets, backpack, hoodie, whatever he could find without me noticing. I was suppose to do the same to him, but I really really sucked at it.

Seriously. I would go to class after lunch, sit down and end up finding a spoon or two in my back pockets. And then find some in my hoodies. AND I KEPT THEM. Seriously, I still have 2 or 3 still. Why? No idea. But I kept them.

Funny story? I bought Zack a spoon for our anniversary last year. Just in memory of our game Spoons.

After we started dating, our song became Love Story by Taylor Swift, we always listened to her. When we got engaged that was the song that was playing, and our first dance was to love story as well. So, Taylor Swift is a big part of our story ;)

Monday, December 17, 2018

Riverwood lights

We also went to the Riverwoods, 3 days of seeing the lights and we froze our butts off each time! Ha. But hey the girls got to see Santa, and I got to take a picture of it for free! So it was a success!

Temple Square Visit

We went to Temple Square as our family's Christmas party instead of doing a party this year. And then afterwards we went to leatherby's. We LOVE leatherby's! Such a fun thing, despite the fact it was cold, and there was WAY too many people for my anxiety to handle.


We went to the Luminaria at Thanksgiving point with Zack's family. I was sad that we didn't get to go with the whole family, but we were doing something with my family that night. But it was SO FUN! We were so frozen by the end of it. But they had so many fun lights, and the statues of Christ. Oh my goodness, the statues of Christ's life were just so beautiful, definitely a must see in the summer! 

The pictures aren't super great because well it was night time and hard to see, but we took some anyways!

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